Queen Sheba International Alumni Temporary Committee

Queen Sheba
Oct. 26 2009

Queen Sheba International Alumina Temporary Committee sends out this call to all individual Queen Sheba Alumina Chapters, and all former students of Queen Sheba who studied in the schools of Adua and the immediate environs, as well as to all supporters and well wishers of the Alumina, regardless if they studied in Adua or not.

We must admit that Queen Sheba Alumina, though it is one of the first to organize and be formed as an Association, has not been strong in past activities. Sadly, there were various impediments that did not allow it to be successful. One major hurdle was fragmentation. Each Alumina Branch was functioning independently. There were successful branches that continued to perform well, while there were other Branches that splintered away and completely failed to function at all.

There were also political and philosophical views of disagreement. It was considered rather narrow provincialism to focus just on your own town and village, and not think of the entire nation. All that is now behind us and we now see it as beneficial for everyone to rise up in building the nation by first working in his/her own corner. There is a saying: if you want Rome to be a clean city, everyone must clean his own home and front yard.

We therefore, decided to form Queen Sheba International Alumina with the purpose of uniting these splintered Chapters and uniting them with a common Bylaw, so that they can rise up to action with a common goal and rebuild the schools in Adua.

So, we are calling upon each Queen Sheba Alumina Chapter to join hands with us. With that we also call upon all former students of Queen Sheba and all good hearted supporters to organize and form a Chapter if there is no preexisting chapter where you live. If there are five or more individuals that can get together, that is the minimum required to form a chapter. As stated above, it is not required to have been a student of Queen Sheba, or any school in Adua for that matter to be a supporter. If one has the good will to support Queen Sheba International Alumina that is the only thing required.

Membership due is still a meager $5 per month or $60 a year, and can be directly deposited by check into our account of Queen Sheba School Support Group, Inc. at:-
Branch Banking & Trust Co.
P. O. Box 41451 Arlington, VA 22204,
USA Account No. 0000154614850 Routing No. 051404260

The Queen Sheba website at: http://www.negstsaba.com/ will have an active Membership list and to keep track of our accounts. This will be one way to show transparency in our operations. Members can then log in to find contact information on old classmates and reconnect, as well as to communicate with the Queen Sheba Account’s Representative.

Any Alumina member or Supporter who does not live close to other members and/or does not belong to a Chapter for any other reason, can register and be a full member and make direct deposits to the International Alumina Bank Account given above.

We would also like to announce to all Queen Sheba Alumina Members and Supporters of the historic launching of Queen Sheba International Alumina at an Annual Meeting which is going to be a three-day event, scheduled for July 2nd, 3rd, & 4th, 2010 in Seattle, WA. It is going to be a great event, and you are all invited. You should try and do your best to be there. At the Annual Meeting, The Temporary Committee will hold elections and pass the baton to a Permanent Committee that will hold the Executive Office of Queen Sheba International Alumina for the following three years.