Ethiopia Needs Radical Revolution

By Gezaee Hailemichael

Nov. 04 2007

In today's Ethiopian space and time, if one is impartial, non-tribalist, non-ethnicist one may not have space and time to live and work in Ethiopia, even outside Ethiopia. This is due to the fact Ethiopians are ethnically charged. For instance as my friend told me, an amhara cannot work in Oromia, and vis-versa. The same for other ethnics in Ethiopia.

In the time of Colonel Mengistu Hailemariams, in order to be the first citizen of the country, one has to be a member of the working party one way or the other. What about now? I am not sure, but having the ethnic political platform of the ruling party, I guess similar things might be happening now. For instance, I have read many articles which asserts that still the first citizens in Ethiopia are those who have affiliation either to EPRDF or its partners.

When I say this I am not being negative to the government, but this is actually the the general Ethiopian mindset where business is naturally done nepotically in Ethiopia. This is also evident from the nature of the EPRDF composition, OLF composition, CUDP composition. We know EPRDF includes many tribal or ethnic liberation fronts though we believe still it is Prime Minister Melez Zenawi who is the stardom of the Ethiopian politics who is most of the times being accused for being from the Tigray, not for his weaknesses.

Though EPRDF is composed of many tribal fronts dominated by Prime Minister Meles' TPLF camps, it is still better than OLF, CUDP. OLF is composed of only Oromos. CUDP is composed of composed of only Amhara's. I myself I am not happy with EPRDF's policies and its wisdoms. Nonetheless, I still do not believe OLF, CUDP can be alternative to EPRDF. I believe they are actually worse due to the fact they do not have even partial diversity in their composition. There was one political party which has an all inclusive organization, EPRP. EPRP was uniquely composed of all Ethiopians ethnically, religiously. However, EPRP was decimated by TPLF. EPRDF could have done still well if it would not have believed in its unwise wisdom and philosophy that Ethiopia must be landlocked. EPRDF has been thus far trapped in its own booty trap. EPRDF''s blunt colonial philosophy that Ethiopia must be landlocked has complicated its political life and political business.

If EPRDF would not have dwelt on its colonial philosophy, it would not have chased 40 Professors at the beginning of its reign. It started committing mistakes from that time. It did not realize but EPRDF was sowing seeds of enemies against itself. Those Addis Ababa University Professors who were chased from their work for opposing the independence of Eritrea from the outset are now living all over the world. They are serving other countries. Did those professors choose to leave Ethiopia? No, they did not, they were just robbed their citizenship for having different political opinions on the national interest of their country. Now these people are the backbone of HR 2003. These people are bitter, their natural Ethiopian right has been infringed broadly long ago. They are living in exile for that reason. They have no reason to love EPRDF. One harvests what one sows. EPRDF is harvesting what is has sown long ago.

When EPRDF cosigned with Botros Botros Gali to land-lock Ethiopia by separating the two brotherly people, not for the sake of Eritreans benefit, but the short term and long term benefit of his country Egypt, those young Ethiopians students in Addis Ababa University went to the streets of Addis Ababa, and expressed their disagreement with the government's policies and the visit of Botros Botros Gali, they were gunned down by live bullets in 1992. Those brilliant students foresaw the damage to their country, and expressed their anger. But the leadership was stuck in the rut of its colonial political science and philosophy. It did not give a chance to its brilliant citizens. It decided to mop them down by live bullets. The mistakes started then. It is those mistakes which have given ammunitions for those who irrationally hate Prime Minister Meles Zenawi for being from Tigray. Now those who hate Tigreans are mixed with those are genuine Ethiopians who oppose the government for its sins against them.

I have read many articles posted at aiga websites blaming those who lobby for HR2003. I personally oppose HR2003 as per my reasons and principles. Since I never believe Ethiopians can be liberated by non-Ethiopians or from outside by remote control. I believe radical grass root egalitarian change must come from within Ethiopia itself. I cannot afford to believe 500 people in Washington DC can decide the destiny of 80 million people. Is this democracy? Who have given the United States' house of representatives like Donald Payne, Smith, ... and five hundred or more Ethiopians in Washington to decide the destiny of Ethiopia and 80 million Ethiopians? Who knows Donald or Smith in Ethiopia? Is this democracy in America?

I understand the bitterness of some genuine Ethiopians against the government, however, while we have been accusing Prime Ministe Melez Zenawi for allying with Egypt's Botros Botros Gali against the interest of the country and the people he claim to help from abject poverty and perpetual misery, it is completely unwise to repeat what Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has done long before. Wrong things are wrong, no matter who commit them.

For EPRDF, it is to good stop and assess oneself once a time, it is not good to be self-righteous all the time. I like Issac Newtons law of action and reaction. Isaac Newton stated that in the real or imagined matter or world, for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. Sometimes it is difficult to see those reactions acutely, they are exponential and slowly. An exponentially increasing curve starts from zero, and increases slowly and when it passes the critical time it becomes beyond control. This can be supported from real time experiences, Mengistu Hailemariam had the mightiest army in Africa. Mengistu sounded and looked invincible and un-toucheable, but we have seen it how he disappeared from the Ethiopian scene. It is as simple as that. Human power is not perpetual.

EPRDF's main problem are its never changing draconian colonial philosophy which is totally and clearly against Ethiopia's economic and security interest. I know Prime Minister Melez Zenawi is being called Progressive. I do not understand that progressiveness. He believes Ethiopian and Eritrean people must be different because of colonialism. He believes Ethiopia does not need its natural outlets. I can hardly understand his philosophy. I believe Prime Minister Melez Zenawi's is not free himself. He has fallen into a colonial trap since he believes and advocates colonial legacy. That must be the reason him and Aboy Sibhat Nega believed and philosophized that the issue of Eritrea is not an Ethiopian issue. Aboy Sibhat Nega said he has been committed to the fact that the Eritrean issue is not an Ethiopian issue. These people they do not realize but they are colonized before they have known it.

Leave alone to leave ones own important coastal line, it is economically, politically vital to have influence on other coastal lines whether it is for economic and political strategies.

If coastal lines where not important, why is France still having control on Djibouti? France is in Europe, Djibouti is part of Ethiopia, but Ethiopia has no a say on Djibouti. The united states has almost control all over the worlds strategic coastal lines. Why is that? Is it because they are used for camels? Even the most powerful and rich country must control the world economically and politically strategic coastlines to maintain their wealth or economy stable as long as they can. Ethiopia which is the poorest country in the world, we are told it has a magic wand which does not require even to use its own coastalines. What type of progressive philosophy is this? What magic does Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has to do economic development without using the commercial outlets.

We have no railway systems in the country,and on top of that we are told we do not need to use the our ports. I hardly understand this philosophy. If Prime Minister was doing the right things I would have supported him.

However, because Prime Minister Meles Zenawi does what he wants, not what Ethiopians want and I am against his colonial philosophy. Colonialism was evil, there was no a virtue in colonialism. Colonialism must be effaced from the face of the earth including its legacy. However, we have our own people who philosophized colonialism and withhold it as a virtue or as a science, not as evil. If that was not the case Aboy Sibhat Nega would not have told us he has believed in it since the day he has taken arms.

Now Ethiopia needs better alternatives than EPRDF, OLF, CUDP. We need to have an all inclusive politically party which is composite of all the ethnicities in Ethiopia. No Ethiopian must feel excluded or out of the full citizenship equation. Then all ethnic biases will not exist so that all Ethiopians can be treated equally based on their universal value of humanity because all created by GOD and all mortal. In such away, people can trust each other and live in harmony. In such away it is even possible to make miracle prosperity of Ethiopia, not in 40 years as Prime Minister's Meles once has once stated in his interview that some of the things takes 40 years to do. I do not agree with him. If all citizens are motivated to work together for their country hand in hand with mutual trust, it is possible to make miracle prosperity in Ethiopia even in five years. The Prime Minister would have rather invested in the citizen than in the international charities who use Ethiopia as a bargaining tool to make quick business.

Who will have to bring the alternative political party to EPRDF, OLF, CUDP, EPLF,.... into existence? We good Ethiopians must come together and sit around a table or under a fig tree and design our destiny. Otherwise, we will keep on poking at each other. We are wasting our time,energy and resources. Everyone can see now even those who were called educated are begging America to liberate us. Is it not American government together with Prime Minister Meles Zenawi who landlocked Ethiopia? When Prime Minister Meles signed to divide our people into two, the Americans were sitting beside them confirming it is done.

How can American house of representatives and senates liberate Ethiopia from whatsoever problem it is in? Let us do something than dwelling codemning the past and the present. If EPRDF could not do the right things, it cannot do it because it cannot. I can only do what I can. There is no point dwelling in the inability of someone. One can only discharge what one can discharge. One can only do ones capacity, nothing beyond that.

Together, we can restore, rebuild, renaissance , prosper Ethiopia.

Divine Justice, Freedom and prosperity to Ethiopia


The Gallant TPLF Fighters

Eternal glory to our martyrs!