Resolution of Tigrayans in Toronto and its vicinity
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        On November 26, 2005 Tigrayans residing in Toronto, Canada, and its
surroundings had a meeting to discuss the current political situation in our country of
birth Ethiopia. The meeting has focused on the third general election that was held on
May 7, 2005 in a free and democratic process as it was witnessed by hundreds
international observers. We strongly believe that the election has laid a historic chapter
in the democratization process of the country, as it was free and fair election by all
standards. However, it was unhelpful for a country like Ethiopia that is laying the basic
grounds of democracy, to know that the event was followed by violence and terror that
lead to the lose of precious human lives of our brothers and sisters and destruction of vast
property for an economy that is relying on foreign aid. Accordingly, the violence that
was ignited by the opposition parties on the first week of November 2005, again lead to
the loss of many lives and vast property damage.
          The circumstance and consequences of the violence is absolutely unacceptable to
any society and country, and off course it had a negative impact to our well being and
historic coexistence. If it was not controlled wisely and patiently by the government, the
situation was really dangerous and it is not difficult for most of us to imagine its
consequences. Therefore, after intensive and mature discussions, we Tigrayans living in
Toronto and its vicinity have passed the following resolutions:

1. We regret the lose of life of our brothers and sisters, and our condolences to their families.

2. We condemn any violence in any form that undermines the constitution and desire
     to cling to power by any means.

3. We support the government to take appropriate measures against those parties and
     individuals that ignited the violence and propagate hate rate.

4. We support the government’s tireless hard work in the democratic process of the country.

5. We will work hard to foil the false and hate propaganda here in North America by
     individuals, and all the media.

6. We advice the opposition parties and their supporters to come to their senses and
     to play constructive role as an opposition.

Peace and prosperity for Ethiopia!

Tigrayan’s living in Toronto and its vicinity.