Response to the writer of “Making the Case for an Oromo Prime Minister”

By Getachew Reda
June 23 2009

I have no clue if this pro TPLF/EPRDF government website will allow the response to be post or not, nevertheless, here is the article sent to be published in response the writer of “Making the Case for an Oromo Prime Minister”.

The above mentioned commentary ‘
Making the Case for an Oromo Prime Minister” was published here in this website sometimes last week (if I am not mistaken). The writer’s demand with Oromo Prime Minister or Oromo President or Oromo as a leader is a sign of oppression with ethnic ideology. Ideology is a crucial political life. Demand State power Possessed by Ethnic affiliation is different from demanding to see a leader no matter from which ethnic as long as he /she are democratically elected as an Ethiopian.

The writer lacks intellectual them of culture. He lacks justification for his demand and Oromo to be the next Prime Minister. When he demanded an election, for an Oromo to be a Prime minister, and linked the similarity of the US During and after the 2008 US Presidential election, he claimed, he have been inspired with a thought of coming up with something that can give Ethiopians a similar experience. He believes that he has come up with one: elect a Christian or a Muslim Oromo for the next Prime Minister of Ethiopia! Pathetic to say the least.

The 2008 US election never demanded a black or Muslim or Red India, Black or Yellow for President. The candidate himself (in this case Obama) never came out with the demand to be elected as “Black”. He presented himself as American not Black! He represented himself as an American not as Black. Therefore, was elected by the people as American Citizen with a Land Slide vote, not because he was black but, because he was inspired, orator, with a good agenda to the country.

There were black candidates before Obama tried to be a President of the U.S., but never had been victorious to be one. It is simply not because there was no qualified blacks for president, but there were not qualified intellect as Obama is. The voters were not deeply influenced because of his skin color or ethnic affiliation, but his ability to influence the voters with different issues related to the agenda of people. Not as the writer is trying to pathetically linked Muslim and Oromo on the other side Christians and atheists on the other (one on the right the other on the left). This is exactly why the ethno –fascist’s ideology could emerge in the name of ideological conception.

In this case, he is demanding a candidate to come with placard or election commercial “Muslim/Oromo for Prime Minister instead of a candidate who enlightened the nation in the fullest sense of political democracy How can a person who clamed justice advocate “ethnic, color, religious faith, Gender as criteria for Prime Minister? To elect a candidate for higher power, because he is Black, Oromo, Muslim, women, is ridiculous. These are the core of Fascism “the Fuehrer’s principle when demand power on their name (even if such demand was not supported by force).

The principle itself demanding an Oromo to be the next Prime Minister not an enlightened individual Ethiopian from any sector regardless his/her religious, ethnic affiliation is a common characteristics. The writer seemed to lack deviate reality from myth.; the tensions that develop feed the fires of anger toward the “enemy” (the enemy in this sense is the Christian, the Amhra, the Gurage, The Tigrayan and the rest of some 70 ethnic language speaking Ethiopian society as an oppressor). This prompts hostility. The rest will demand why not Gurage? Why not the Gambella? Why not the Agaw? Why not the atheist? why not the Bete Israel? Why not the hidden Homosexuals? Why not the dwarfs? Why not the far/the skinny, the Tall? Does this ethnic /color./religious demand and affiliation for power has end tunnel? No. The only way out for society to be free from repression and poverty and injustice is when one individual goes to the pole elect a candidate who think fits the power to lead the nation based on democratic system not because he/she is an Oromo or Muslim or black or symbol of atheists or what have you and what have you. Thos who think they earn modern education need to redirect themselves from talking a divisive issue of bring my colored/ my religion, my group, to power than to demand power for any one who can enlighten the nation who can win majority support during democratic election. Any one who wins majority vote takes power, not because he is black, or Oromo or Muslim, but because his issue is heard by the majority voters. So, let us stay away from demanding your own affiliation of religion, ethnic individuals/group to grip power by pushing away the rest of the population as if they too were part of the repressive system. There are many group just repressed as the people of Oromo. The Bete Israel was repressed worst than the Muslims in Ethiopia (I can go on and on and on).

Some are even repressed worst than them/than the Oromo. If we are going to give power because one was repressed, instead of looking for inspired individual Ethiopian as an Ethiopian to get us out of the mess we are in.; we will never triumph as people. Ethnic elites need to stop playing games in the name of their ethnic population! You all have seen the ethnic cleansing issue posted on my blog. Who ever is responsible the issue aside- if the Amhara ethnic who are victims of such crime demand power- because they were victims of such crime, -can that justify an Amhara to become a Prime Minister, if repression is justification for power? The assumption that any genuine Ethiopian from Tigray, Gurage, Amhara, Somali,Gambela, Agaw….can’t represent and serve genuinely the Oromo population is simply fascistic and an elite wing mentality! Getachew Reda www.Ethiopiansemay.;