Response to Lahra Smith, U.S. Engagement in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa

Haben Kiros

Jan. 09 20078

If people are arrogant and shallow, we have the duty to tell them that they are arrogant and shallow, otherwise they will continue bullying us. Ms or Mr Lahra Smith, I personally request you to leave my country alone. No one is entitled to kill people. I personally have opposed the Ethiopian mission in Somalia from the very beginning due to the fact It did not make any sense to me to go into Somalia instead of going to Asmara.

Shabia has been arming, training, the Islamic Court, countless rebels from Ethiopia. It has been Shabia which has been bombing Ethiopian cities, hotels, taxi,... all over country. It has been Shabia which has promised to dismantle Ethiopia. However Shabia has an endorsement from the honorable Prime Minister of Ethiopia to kill Ethiopians.

The islamic courts never did what Shabia has done to Ethiopians. They only made an empty talk show that they will invade Ethiopia. Though they boasted to invade Ethiopia, they did not have the capacity to invade Ethiopia without the help of shabia. If there is no mystery between the Prime Minister of Ethiopia and shabia, the right thing to do was to deal with Shabia the real enemy of Ethiopia once for all. Ethiopians have been begging the prime Minister to do something about Shabia.

Nonetheless, prime minister Meles Zenawi has rejected the pleas of the plea to deal with Shabia. He insisted the islamic court was a real threat to Ethiopia. Ethiopians opposed the move to Somalia. Now Ethiopia has made good enemy for itself for eternity and Shabia has got an eternal partner. Now Ethiopians are immersed in war that will leave Somalians bitter to eternity against Ethiopia.

So it be, Lahra Smith condemns Ethiopian government for going to Somalia and accuses Ethiopian government for human right abuses ,so and so forth. What Lahra Smith has completely failed to see is the human right abuse at her own back yard. Americans have been killing Civilians since the time they occupied Iraq up to now and looting their resources too. . For the Iraqis that is not a blessing. It is beyond human right abuse, it is inhumanity. Nevertheless, Lahra Smith has blind eyes to see what her country has been doing to the Iraqis and she has deaf ear not to hear what has been happening to the Iraqis. She has no a sense of humanity to the Iraqis, but she has a sense of humanity to Somalian and Ethiopians. She or he telling us without any shame that Americans are the stewards of human right.

Are not the Iraqi human beings? Do not they deserve freedom, the reverence of life to live? Are Ethiopians and Somalians better human than the Iraqis? What can make American political leaders like Lahra Smith humanitarian? Does it matter whether a human being is killed by an American or Ethiopian?

Lahra Smith is jealous of Ethiopian regional hegemony, but she is not critical of her country’s global hegemony. Does Lahra Smith think we are stupid and have no any brain to apply our brain?

Lahra Smith calls Ethiopians shortsighted for opposing Ethiopia to be neo-colonized . Lahra Smith, what qualifies you to govern Ethiopia from the white house? Do you know Ethiopia is as mighty as America? Do you believe it? It is our ancestors who defeated colonizers with machetes, picks, axes,.... We do not need guided missiles and unmanned satellites, Migs,.... to protect ourselves. We do not values ourselves and our strengths by money. Our humanity and strength is measured by who we are and by our faith and determination.

Though you have an inspiration to colonize Ethiopia, it will remain a dream in your life. If you ever do that we will draft a law in Addis Ababa to rule America Then it will be tit for tat.

If you tell us we are shortsighted for opposing megalomaniac adventure to colonize Ethiopia. We must tell you that you are not only shortsighted, but you totally blind and deaf.

If you want to clean our house, you need to clean your house first. It does not make any sense cleaning somebody's house while ones own house is dirty and filthy. We are not double minded and doubled hearted. We know alliance with you does not hold water due to the fact you actually do not care about humanity except about your earthly interest. It has been told it the Americans who creates monsters on this planet. Saddam was created by Americans, Bin Laden was created by America, Mbotu Sesko and many other dictators on the planet was created by America. Even Issayas Afeworki of Eritrea has been created by the Americans. It was them who funded Issayas Afeworki for 30 years immersing the same people in an endless bloodshed.

It is the Americans who landlocked my country and Lahra Smith now to add an insult to an injury, she or he telling me she wants a law to govern Ethiopia from Washington. The day you do that I will join Bin Laden against your country.

In conclusion, you need to take our the beam in your own eye before you contemplate take out the speak in my eye. Then I will join you if you talk about human right. Otherwise it does not make any sense at all.


The Gallant TPLF Fighters

Eternal glory to our martyrs!