Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization, RSADO

RSADO Information Department;
Ottawa, Canada
May 24 2010

RSADO flagAs the dawn of Nineteenth year of Brutality continues against Red Sea Afar and other citizens in Eritrea, disfigurement of our one time vibrant population, community and villages, demographic onslaught on Rea Sea afar undoubtedly can be characterized as ETHINC CLEANSING. The Red Sea Afar has preserved their indigenous home land, property and integrity from many colonial powers that came ashore of Dankalia.

Even though Current Eritrean Regime is a homegrown colony, it has by far exceeded the Brutality of colonial era of WWII or scrambles for Africa by Europe against African continent. Indeed, Red Sea Afar does not distinguish between a crime committed against its citizens, whether it is a home grown or colonial in nature. In Fact we can classify the current regime in Eritrea as illegitimate settler’s colony.

As we are witnessing a nation held hostage by a brutal dictatorship in Eritrea, The onetime comrades in the West, Ethiopia are witnessing different type of dawn, Dawn of hope and prosperity, federalism, democratic elections, truly magnificent to see after many years of suffering in that Country .

As Red Sea Afar we are confident that the tide is changing in Eritrea, after a bold move by UNSC, in resolution- 1907 in 2009, to chokehold criminal regime’s ability to destabilize the horn as well as financing various Terrorist organizations, the regional pressures from IGAD and AU to address rights abuses by onetime Africa’s hopeful of stability and self determination, is a good beginning should be applauded. However knowing the Regime’s elusiveness to hide it’s atrocities from the radar of scrutiny ,the best viable option is to form a coalition of determined organizations to bring about these changes, RSADO has now transformed in to solid force by joining those who share a vision for self determination of their respective population in Eritrea.

Finally; we urge all people of Eritrea to come together in solidarity for a new beginning in Eritrea, a dawn of peace, prosperity and Rule of Law to prevail. We should all take a note of democratic changes in next door Ethiopia, Kenya and even 2011 referendum in South Sudan. With the help of international communities we must do everything and anything to remove a cancerous regime to restore our collective rights as individuals, ethnicities and participate positively in a regional and global community.

RSADO would like to take this opportunity on the eve of 19 years of independence (that never materialized) to denounce the treatment of Red Sea Afar (those executed, kidnapped, and expelled in to Refugees) as well as all innocent peace loving individuals in Eritrea.