Running Away from the Truth

By Gezaee Hailemichael

June 11 2008

If people are starving to death, it is not famine, what is it then? We are not courageous enough to swallow the truth. The truth is that Ethiopians are starving to death. Actually, it is not todayís phenomena, Ethiopians have been dying of famine, and famine induced diseases almost for the past five decades.

The Ethiopian government is disposing irrelevant excuses just like the previous government. What is the failed belg? This is a lame excuse people use to hide themselves from the truth of their failures. In Psychology, they call this rationalization and defense mechanism. When people do not want to face the reality of their failure, they use other external excuses as a scapegoat not to face their stark failure.

The government has completely refused to work with the Ethiopian people. The Ethiopian government is obsessed with its own follies. The Ethiopian people are praying to God and asking God to give them rain. If the Ethiopian government has been a good representative the Ethiopian people, 17 years was more than enough to eradicate poverty from Ethiopia. The truth is coming out one way or the other. The talk of development has become now a flat tire.

While the government is supposed to unite the people of Ethiopia, it has been obsessed in dividing its own people just for the sake of divide and conquer to stay on power. It has been committing one folly after another. At times chipping the ancient landmark of the country in all direction and land-locking the country for the sake of one manís blind and colonial philosophy. These days, it is even difficult to get emergency rations to Ethiopia because the country is land-locked for the mere interest of one single man. 80 million peopleís destiny is dragged by a single man, for the gratification of one manís ego.

Lame game, the failure of belg, the global increase in the price of oil, food is a good hiding bush for those who will never surrender to admit and swallows their failures. If there were real men in Ethiopia, Ethiopia does not actually need rain, it has the water resources. If the people were united hand in hand for the past 17 years, the people could have done away with poverty and other misfortunes. But one man has come with his own idea, eliminating any other idea, refused to work with the people he claim to represent and continuing forcing, imposing only one idea, people with other idea either thrown out or chased to exile.

The Ethiopian people are resilient people. They are capable of circumventing their misfortunes, but Ethiopia has been suffering from leadership poverty. Ethiopiaís problem or food or other problems root cause is the absence of honest and enlightened leadership. It is not the failure of belg, it is not because of global increase in oil or food price. It is lack of honest and transparent leadership. Since I knew myself Ethiopia has been begging food handout from outside almost every year.

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, time is up, you need to retire, and give to others a chance or do a favor to the country you claim to represent, take out from yourself your pride, arrogance to work alone, and change, I know it is not easy to do so, but we need either change from your side or retirement from your side. You talk of Tehadiso, but you need to do Tehadso on yourself before doing it somewhere. Everything starts from home. If you have dreamt of prospering Ethiopia, you were first supposed to prosper yourself, everything starts from self. Prosperity is not only about money, prosperity in terms of money is pointless, if one is not prospered in the way one thinks and treats others.

We need to face the reality, the truth, we cannot hide from it. I cannot believe that out of 80 million people in Ethiopia only 75,000 children are under-malnutrition. This cannot be true. Even the countries which has good economic security, there are more than that children who face mal-nutrition every day because nowhere is rosy as people present it, but it is worse with us.