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Will Smith the American Super Star, Actor,Producer, Writer, Director and Pop Singer
The American Super Star Will Smith Hires Randall Wallace to Have a Go at The Last Pharaoh Taharqa, the last Pharaoh of the 25th or Nubian Dynasty (the one in which blacks of Ethiopian descent ran Egypt) and is supposedly full of Ethiopians battling Assyrians for the throne of Amun-Ra. More

Headline News

Sept. 18 2008

UN council rebukes Eritrea for stonewalling UN probe
The U.N. Security Council rebuked Eritrea on Wednesday for refusing to cooperate with a U.N. investigation of clashes on its border with Djibouti that left a number of Djiboutian soldiers dead.

Somali region facing food and water crisis
The Somali region of south-eastern Ethiopia is facing critical food and water shortages, with many families eating only one meal a day and others migrating to urban areas, the UN and aid agencies said.

Mimi Alemayehou’s Journey to Success
President George W. Bush Nominates Mimi Alemayehou to be Executive Director of the African Development Bank Nominated by President George W. Bush to be the United States director of the African Development Bank (AfDB), the Kenyan-raised (age 8-12 years-old) has been tasked with the responsibility of a lifetime.

Sept. 17 2008

The price of success,Ethiopia is growing fast, but inflation is biting
Ethiopia aim for end of Fifa ban
Europe must pressure Eritrea over rights: RSF
Ban deplores deadly terrorist attack outside US embassy in Yemen

Sept. 16 2008

Sugar Exports to EU Sweeter this Year
Music promoter admits club murder

Sept. 15 2008

What do you think is the most urgent problem facing Egyptian society at the moment?
I believe that the most urgent problem is water. Because tomorrow Ethiopia may begin using the source of the Nile — as they need it for irrigation — or Kenya, which is one-third desert. All those countries will sooner or later need to use the Nile water, and then you will have a problem of water in this country. (Boutros Boutros-Ghali)
Editor’s comment: The Egyptians are scared to death about Ethiopia using its waters. Make no mistake about it they see Ethiopia’s economic advancement as a direct attack on their existence and they will not leave any stone unturned to stop our development. A perfect example of this right now at work is their Eritrean and Somalian surrogates working day and night to destabilize our country. It will get worst before it gets better so, we should be ready.

Demining operations clears 2.2 mln sq. m of land, 30 weredas in Tigray
Meeting Somalia's Islamist insurgents
Iran, Eritrea to boost economic ties

Sept. 14 2008

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Establish HIV and AIDS Clinic in Ethiopia

Sept. 13 2008

Ethiopia calls for reinstatement of stolen African art

Sept. 12 2008

Ethiopia says Eritrea "incapable" of another war
Eritrea becoming a major hub and transshipment point for the informal arms market
Ethiopias child mortality rates have declined by more than 40 per cent
Ethiopia kicked out of World Cup

Sept. 11 2008

More parents saying no to FGM in Ethiopia
Eritrea embroiled in row with Canada over visa refusal
The weightlifter and his uplifting way
Ethiopia awards Beijing Olympic gold medallists vehicles

Sept. 10 2008

Filipino Dominican to head first Catholic university in Ethiopia
Nigerian billionaire to invest over $250mn in Ethiopian cement industry
HC stays funds disbursal for Ethiopia sugar projects
Will Smith Hires Randall Wallace to Have a Go at The Last Pharaoh
SHH to Develop Hotel Complex in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with Accor Hospitality

Sept. 09 2008

Ethiopia hungers for food crisis solution
South African, Ethiopian groups awarded UNESCO Confucius Prize for Literacy
Celebrate the Ethiopian New Year
Drunk Driver Suspected of Killing Foreign Cab Driver

Sept. 08 2008

Country urged to build strong defense force
Unidentified warship captures 14 Somali pirates
Major terrorism threat against US interests looms in Horn of Africa

Sept. 06 2008

Ethiopia's First Extradosed Bridge to Span the Blue Nile Gorge
Ethiopia's First Extradosed Bridge
The new bridge will be constructed upstream from the current Abbay Bridge (built in 1948). Ethiopia's first extradosed prestressed concrete cable-stayed bridge will have a center span of 145 meters (476 feet) and total length of 303 meters (995 feet).

Sept. 05 2008

The plaintiff side in Dashen vs. Reporter
Dashen Brewery management filed a lawsuit at the police station in Gondar. The case was sent to the Gondar District court, which wrote an arrest letter to the Amhara Kilil state police, which forwarded the request to Federal police, which in return forwarded an arrest letter to Addis Ababa police. The journalist was arrested and was sent to Gondar. Please note that Dashen Brewery owned vehicle was not used for transportation. The journalist was released on bail and the case is still pending in court.
Editor’s comment: Mr Zegeye Chekole, I am not sure in what capacity you are writing this article or what your relationship is with Dashen Brewery, however you fail to explain why the rule of law was not respected. If someone is accused of a crime, the courts in Gonder don’t look in to the case to see if in fact a crime was committed? They don't let the defendant hire a lawyer and defend themselves? They just write an “arrest letter” and throw them to jail without knowing if they are guilty or innocent. What kind of justice is that?

Sept. 04 2008

Ethiopia celebrates restoration of giant obelisk
Axum Obelisk which was stolen by Italians retuned reinstalled back in Axum

Ethiopia on Thursday unveiled its famed Axum Obelisk after more than three years of work to re-erect the 150-ton stela plundered by fascist Italy 70 years ago and returned only in 2005.

Watch a short video of the reerection of the Axmu hawolti from BBC

Toll rises to six in Ethiopian blast
Two people died on Thursday of their injuries following an explosion that rocked a bar in the Ethiopian capital, bringing the death toll to six, police said.

Sept. 03 2008

Explosion kills three in Ethiopian bar
Chinese bank loans $91m to Ethiopian firm
Ethiopian Wins 2008 Corporate Achievement Award
Ethiopia First Nation to Sign National Health Partnership Compact
Long Branch Library takes a trip to Ethiopia

Sept. 02 2008

'Teza' revisits Ethiopia under Mengistu at Venice filmfest
Ethiopia imports 102,072 tonnes of sugar in 2007/08
Italy seals Libya colonial deal
Cotton Plant Spins Into Action
Eritrean Christians tell of torture
UN aid chief wants more access to Ethiopia's conflict zone
Djibouti Turns Over 26 Eritreans To ICRC


Noah Samara of Worldspace
Radio France International conversation with Ethiopia's Noah Samara, founder and CEO of WorldSpace.

RFI Sept.17 2008

Un-Finished Colonial Scheme
Gezaee Hailemichael
Sept.13 2008

We should all stand guard for the supremacy of the rule of law
Sept.10 2008


Tigrai Disabled Veterans issues should not be used for narrow political agenda
Yikno Mesfin
Sept.10 2008

Utopia in Ethiopia and Axum Monument
Gezaee Hailemichael
Sept.08 2008

The Reassembling of The Obelisk of Axum is a Victory of the Present Generation of the Black Race!
Sept. 05 2008

An inspiring excursion day of community
The executive committee
Sept. 04 2008

Bread or democracy
Equar D. Negash
Sept. 02 2008

Ethiopian elites are busy Destroying Ethiopia
Gezaee Hailemichael
Sept. 02 2008

The center of Darkness
Gezaee Hailemichael
August 25 2008

Watch for the emerging anti-Ethiopian Eritrean opposition parties
August 20 2008

Artist Solomon Tekalinge’s personal message to the Tigraian community in Diaspora
Solomon Tekalinge
August 18 2008

Mekelle Meeting between Tigrean and Eritreans
Gezaee Hailemichael
August 18 2008

34th congress of UTNA and 12th festival Tigrai concluded successfully
August 18 2008

U.T.N.A Denounces the Recent Inflammatory Comments Posted on
August 14 2008

Will the Real Alemayehu G. Mariam Please Stand UP, and The Fake Alemayehu G. Mariam Please Sit Down.
Solomon Gebre-Amelak
August 14 2008

Solomon Gebre-Amelak
August 10 2008


Yekatit 11 and the Ethiopian renaissance blending!Yekatit 11 and the Ethiopian renaissance blending!

Three holidays in one night in SeattleThree holidays in one night in Seattle

Ethiopian New year's celebration 2001 in Phoenix ArizonaEthiopian New year's celebration 2001 in Phoenix Arizona

Public meeting with leaders of Arena party Ato Gebru Asrat and Berhanu Berhe in Washington DCPublic meeting with leaders of Arena party Ato Gebru Asrat and Berhanu Berhe in Washington DC

My wishes in the oncoming Ethiopian New YearMy wishes in the oncoming Ethiopian New Year

Seret New Tigringa Movie and music DVD coming soonSeret New Tigringa Movie/Drama

Firdi Tigringa Movie, DVD on sale now Firdi Tigringa Movie/Drama