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Hannah Godefa a 9 years old 4th greader doing what we the adults should do
Hannah Godefa pencil project

Lidia Schaefer Tigrai Online chose Lidia Schaefer as a person of the year for her extra ordinary work to build a high school in FeresMai, Tigrai, Ethiopia. Lidia raised $258,000.00 USD single handedly for the school.

Jendayi E. Frazer is the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs
Jendayi E. Frazer is the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs listen to her interview about Eritrean "State Sponsor of Terrorism" Part 1

Prime minister meles
Meles's Interview about Eritrea & Ethiopia
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part4 Part 5

Ayte Sibhat Nega TPLF CC and Member of the EPRDF Government
Sebhat Nega's Interview about Eritrea & Shabiya
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Siye Abraha, Tigrai HeroSiye Abraha's Interview with German radio after he was released from prison.

Today's News

EPRDF Land Policy and the “Cessation Clause”
By Engineer Ghirma W.G.
Sep. 27 2007

Coalesced and United by hate, Disintegrated by peace
By Ahadu Amlak
Sep. 25 2007

Political epidemics of PhD
By Sara Abraham
Sep. 20 2007

Thank You Ethiopia!
By Hannah Godefa
Sep. 17 2007

Meles Zenawi and EPRDF Transformed Ethiopia
By Engineer Ghirma
Sep. 10 2007

By Ahadu Amlak
Sep. 04 2007

Millennium Message to all Ethiopians: Reclaiming Ethiopian( African) History and Civilization in the New Millennium.
By Gezaee Hailemichael
Sep. 02 2007

The New Ethiopian Millennium
By Minga Negash
Aug. 29 2007

A Millennium Open Letter to Prime Minister Meles
By Gezaee Hailemichael
Aug. 25 2007

Isaias Afwerki: Playing Hardball
By Engineer Ghirma
Aug. 25 2007

Miscarriages of Mother Ethiopia
By Gezaee Hailemichael
Aug. 18 2007

ill-will toward Ethiopia
By Engineer Ghirma Aug. 17 2007

worry eplf Aug. 15 2007

Border Demarcation Priority: People or Land?
By Engineer Ghirma Aug. 08 2007

Creation of Umbrella Organization
By Atsbha Gebru July 31 2007

The Autopsy of CUD
By Ahadu Amlak July 28 2007

4th Anniversary Celebration of Awlaelo Schools Alumni Association
By Atsbha Gebru July 25 2007

A view on the freedom of the CUD leaders and related issues
By Tockchaw
July 23 2007

Bogus Donald M. Payne
By Gezaee Hailemichael
July 23 2007

One Credit to Meles Zenawi
By Gezaee Hailemichael
July 21 2007

“I Told You So”
By Engineer Ghirma July 21 2007

Anna Gomes "the Political Prostitute"
By Sara Abraham
July 19 2007

An Aroma of Wisdom
By Gezaee Hailemichael
July 16 2007

Siye Abraha's interview with Addis Admas
Addis Admas July 15 2007

Congratulations! to Siye,his family and peace and justice lovers
July 11 2007

Satellite Freedom Fighters: Peace by the Sword of the Tongue
By Gezaee Hailemichael July 06 07

The charges and the Supreme Court's ruling on Siye's case
Deki Alula.com July 03 07

P.M. Meles Zenawi’s Credibity Remains Intact
By Engineer Ghirma June 29 07

I Speak For Myself
By Engineer Ghirma June 25 07

The Other Side of the Moon: Dead Beginnings and Dead Ends
By Gebre Yemane June 25 07

By Ahadu Amlak June 23 07

Anna Gomez: why wont she leave Ethiopia alone?
By Engineer Ghirma June 14 07

Siye's trial postponed to June 22 for a "final verdict "
By Tigraians in N/America
June 12 07

Tecola Hagos: Dieing for a Little Attention
By Engineer Ghirma June 11 07

The Cost of Doing Nothing about Siye can even be more expensive for Tigreans.
By Gebre Yemane June 07


Is EPRDF veridical on Ethiopian nationalism issues
By Solomon Medhanie June 06 07

Freedom of Conscience
By Gezaee Hailemichael
May 30 07

“No” to DERG Resuscitation
By Engineer Ghirma May 24 07

Neither the ONLF nor the AFD can Absolve Themselves from the Heinous Crime.
By UTNA May 15 07

A Statement of Condemnation of the Ogaden Massacre By “ONLF
By UTNA May 01 07

By ADAL ISAW May 01 07

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Meskel and Millennium party in Washington DC

Call to promote free press and media development in Ethiopia
This millennium petition is inspired by the unity of Ethiopians following the massacre of 65 Ethiopians by the ONLF rebels and by our courage to face numerous other rebels who are ready to massacre Ethiopians instead of joining the peaceful opposition parties inside the current Ethiopian parliament.

Sample letters to be sent to the three important personalities to oppose the bill HR 2003.
Please fill out the form in the following letters and send them via your email or regular mail. You could highlight, copy and paste them from this page.

Happy Ethiopian Millenium
Happy Ethiopian Millenium year 2000 poster designed by Tigrai Online
Now that we are here in the year 2000, what should we do in the next 1000 years?

We should use the Millennium to rid of our social problems, like hunger, diseases, illiteracy, and backwardness. We should use the new Millennium as a spring board to propel us towards the new era of prosperity, peace, and unity of our people, strength, technology, and the information highway.
Check out some of the third Ethiopian Millennium celebrations videos and more

The Tigrean community Association of Seattle, WA humbly invites you to a very special event to commemorate the beginning of a new era; Ethiopian's New Year's Day as we joyfully welcome our new millennium. The community will celebrate it with utmost enthusiasm as the beginning of prosperous, renewed ambition, peaceful, and free of ageism, intolerance, and free of prejudice era with lots of food, drinks, and traditional music. The TCA would be delighted to see all Ethiopians and Ethiopian
friends to join us:
Date: September 16, 2007
Time: 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Location: 19th Avenue East Yesler Way - Seattle, WA (Across the street from Tigrean Community Center) Bring your family, appetite, and your style. (It is time to showoff your traditional Ethiopian clothes) If you require further direction or clarifications, please do not hesitate to call (206) 694-9179 Abel Ghirmai, (on behalf Tigrean Community Association in Seattle, WA) PRESS RELEASE
Afar Community Association in UK
Read more

August 27 2007

Ethiopian Millennium 2000 Celebration In Toronto
See Flayer

August 27 2007

Afar Community Association in UK
Read more

August 27 2007

4th ICEDS Follow up and Call for EDSA membership
Dear 4th ICEDS Participants & Supporters:
I want thank you all again for being a part of a successful conference that convened on August 2-4, 2007. I am humbled with the dedication of scholars of all ages who came from many parts of the world including Ethiopia . I am hopeful and confident the dialogue will be continue to become even betterin future years. More
By Professor Sisay Asefa
August 23 2007

asfaw jebjeb Asfaw Jebjeb and Kindeya Teklehaimanot in North America Millennium Tour
See Flyer

Raya Relief & Development Association Annual CelebrationRaya Relief & Development Association Annual Celebration
See Flyer

Bay area festival See Flyer

Ethiopian Millennium in Melbourne Australia See details
By Leul Fesseha
July 24 2007

New album from artist Haftom G/Michael
Check out the new album from Haftom G/Michael. More details on www.haftomgmichael.com
July 23 2007

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