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The charges and the Supreme Court's ruling on Siye's case

July 03, 2007

Charge 1. The Case of the Bank Loans

The first indictment against Ato Seeye Abraha, Ato Assefa Abraha and Ato Mihreteab Abraha, alleges that both Ato Assefa Abraha and Ato Seeye Abraha had ordered the President of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, to give bank loans to their brother Mihreteab Abraha and his company called MFAM Plc. It further alleges that the orders were given through telephone calls made between 27/2/96 and 9/1/2001. Subsequent to the orders, Ato Mihreteab is said to have taken Birr 6,900,250.00 in the form of term loans and Birr 10,800,000 in the form of overdraft loans. - It further alleges that the loans were given outside the normal lending procedures of the Bank, due to the orders given to the President of the Bank, and hence accuses Ato Seeye of abusing his powers as a Member of Parliament, and Ato Mihreteab of illegally benefiting there from. Ato Assefa Abraha has also been accused of abusing his authority, both as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank as well as Head of the Public Enterprises Supervising Authority.

Verdict: Not Guilty

Charge 2. The Case of Customs Duty
This case involves Ato Assefa Abraha, Ato Seeye Abraha, Ato Tamirat Layne and Ato Kahsay Abay. Through the written instructions of Ato Tamirat Layne, the then Prime Minister of the Transitional Government of Ethiopia, At Kahsay Abay is alleged to have imported five second-hand trucks, duty-free, in 1992. Allegedly, Ato Seeye and Ato Assefa Abraha had cajoled Ato Tamirat Layne to sign the letter instructing the Ministry of Finance to allow the duty-free importation of the trucks, while Ato Tamirat is accused of abusing his authority as a Prime Minister in order to benefit Ato Kahsay Abay.

Verdict: Not Guilty

Charge 3. The Case of Temnit's Employment
In 1992, Dr. Abdi Adem, the then Deputy Minister of Health is alleged to have ordered the employment of Ato Seeye's sister Temnit Abraha in one of the public hospitals in Addis Ababa, as a pharmacist. The allegation is that the rules and procedures for employment were not observed, and that this was done on the request of Ato Seeye Abraha, the then Minister of Defense.

Verdict: Not Guilty

Charge 4. The Purchase of Trucks from AMCE
Ato Seeye Abraha in his capacity as a Member of Parliament, and CEO of the TPLF- owned, Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigrai (EFFORT), is accused of assisting his brother Ato Mihreteab Abraha in buying 5 trucks from AMCE at a discounted price. It is alleged that Trans- Ethiopia S. Co., a subsidiary of EFFORT had bought 213 trucks at a price much lower than the going rate. Ato Seeye is then accused of having requested the then General Manager of AMCE, through intermediaries, to sell five trucks to Ato Mihreteab at this discounted price given to Trans- Ethiopia S. Co., in October 1997.

Verdict: Guilty

Note: This really was a phony charge. The guilty verdict related this charge is completely unjust, although understandable for all obvious reasons. The court gave its verdict based on a statement given by the prosecutor's star witness TPLF Politburo Arekebe Okbay. It was previously reported by many media outlets that Arekebe was discredited during the cross examination and was literally embarrassed when the defense lawyer caught him many times contradicting his own statements one after another.

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