Free Siye Abraha!!!

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied! William Gladstone.
I think it is clear Siye Abraha's crime is not no where to be found. Is the Ethiopian government holding him in prison for political reasons? It does not take six years for a trail. If Siye committed any crime he should be punished, if he is innocent he should be set free. As far as I am concerned until he is proven guilty he will remain one of the heroes of Tigrai people for ever. Even if he is found guilty we should keep his sacrifice to free our people to the highest honor and condemn his crime. We canít do that as long as the government keeps playing house with justice. The government should stop this childish game and try to act like a real government and start serving justice. Remember I am not saying he should be free automatically, all I am saying is show the evidence and make a judgment now. It is about time we spoke out, if we stand for justice. The same goes for all the people that are denied fair trial, no matter what group they belong to. Be brave and speak out. Tigrai Online web master

Fighter former defence minister father brother son Siye Abraha
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