Spark of Freedom

By Gezaee Hailemichael

August 06 2008

If what I am reading is true, if OLF has undergone a radical change, this is a good news for mother Ethiopia. First and fore most why do we need all the fronts if we accept and respect each other on the basis that we are all human being and we are all mortal who return to clay. All our status, our tribal or ethnic name has no universal meaning. Our soul the core of our life force that separate itself from our shell body has no tribe, ethnic, colour. No one can tell me the ethnic of my soul. No one can tell me the color of my soul. Our soul is the building block of our whoness and that is what defines us all as one humanity. Everyone needs bread, water, something a roof like for our sojourn on earth.

When I see introspective my life in Ethiopia, I envy for those who have lived their whole life in peace and tranquility. It is indeed a blessing to live in peace. One cannot buy peace. Peace is not a commodity and for that matter not a product of an unjust politics.

Is there really any tribe or ethnic in Ethiopia which is more privileged? There is none except that we have been prejudicing each other based on few leaders who had been always sucking our poor people and at the same time dividing us for their own individual again. It is that individual greed, cynicism which has dragged Ethiopia into the abyss of unseen, unheard, untold, dire poverty which is still haunting us.

If OLF has abandoned secession ideology, I say to OLF bravo. Ethiopia loves you. Ethiopia belongs to all of us. Ethiopia does not belong to any tribe or ethnic. It belongs to all of us. If we keep on pitching each other, it is all of us who will be the losers. I have been praying for new thinking. For me personally, none of the ideologies in Ethiopia are palatable. I find them all either backward or trailers. Ethiopia needs new thinking paragon. Ethiopia is an independent nation, it has un-paralleled history of freedom.

The freedom we have inherited has been compromised by Haileslassie and Meles Zenawi. Haileslassie surrendered to the British and accepted systematic assimilation. He threw away our language. He threw away our civilization and he baptized our people by an alien language. He inadvertently accepted systematic colonialism due to the fact that he conformed that our language is inferior to English language based on his personal British adviser. He was convinced if Ethiopia get baptized by English it will civilize. And this ideology was the root of colonialism.

The mission of colonialism was to civilize none white and none European people by resetting the people’s indigenous knowledge and language to zero and programming them to adopt European way of life. I know we say we were not colonized, but since we have given away our language as inferior to other language, we have been colonized and we are still colonized though we do not still realize it.

Now what to be done? OLF’ abandonment of secession is not enough, we need to go beyond that. We need to have a representative council which could be pure Ethiopian and all inclusive. We need an umbrella council. We need a national code of conduct so that we stop hurling each other by calling names, Amhara, Tigre, Oromo,...

This news may be very threatening to Issayas Afeworki and Meles Zenawi since their ambition is to dismantle Ethiopia. It is unfortunate our kinsmen have chosen to be colonial agents than themselves. It is unfortunate we are wasting 17 years with every leader who come do his experiment on our people.

Haileslassie, the evil king, forced our people to accept a superior alien language over our language. He practically applied a brake and stopped our civilization. Our people who were running more than modern metal foundries were given out casting names and their land was taken by him cynically. He practically disembarked Ethiopian civilization.

Then Mengistu came and forced our people to be baptized by so called socialism or communism. Our people were deprived their values, norms, beliefs, customs, traditions. He dragged out country to primitivity.

Then Meles Zenawi came with his parody of communism and did some experiment with it and it did not go well. He then switched to another experiment which is imperialism. Meles is now doling out our land to imperialists. He is collecting money and he is telling us stories of capitalist investments. According to him this is a miracle experiment. If I invite a young man to my house to live with me, allow him to ride my house, will he leave my wife for me? If my wife is defiled by him, will my house be in sanity? If I am not able to run and solve the problem in my house, will another man run and solve the problem in my house? If anyone can tell me yes, it can never happen.

If we unite, if we work hand in hand with burning desire, zeal, with love, we do not need any charity, we do not need any aid and we will never be a laughingstock of famine, drought, hunger, beggary. Many of you may not agree with me, but I can tell you, with unity, we can solve our problem in five years assuming we will all be burned with kindness, commitment, sincerity, justice and love. No man has been created with money on the earth. We can do what everyone does. If we see Brazil, it has been as backward as ourselves, but its self-motivated citizen craved to develop themselves. Now Brazil is producing many high tech products. What we need is not money, what we really need is love among ourselves then the rest is a by product of that love and peace. Collecting money from outside, giving our-land to venture capitalists will never solve our problem.

With unity, power belongs to the people. If we are united, we can remove prime minister Meles Zenawi. Mr Meles can reign as he wishes if we are only in divided and in disarray. Unity is power, strength and division is the opposite. I can tell you, if we are united, we can remove Meles Zenawi in one single day without a loss of a single life and without a drop of blood. Unity and love is more powerful than any weapon Meles has in his arsenal. I sympathize with those Ethiopians who see no way to prosperity except by the barrel. Let us get back to our roots, use our own weapons to solve our problems than using the gun other people sells for us. I myself have the idea how to remove Meles Zenawi without a shot of a single bullet or without any street fighting with Agzaian.

Regardless our religion, ethnic, tribe, we need to get united and be strong and the mightiest people once again. We must not allow foreigners who try to divided us based on our religion. All the religions in Ethiopia are imported from outside. Before Christian, our people were there and before Islam our people were living there. Whether we call God Allah or Egziabhier, it is all the same thing. He has created us all equally. We can not judge each other, if we do we are breaching the very tenet we proclaim to worship.

Love is the premise of peace and prosperity. Anything which is devoid of love is vanity. It is like an orange fruit with a lethal worm in it.

So OLF’s abandonment of secession is a new a beginning, and we need to go further and save our country from beggary and slavery. If we unite with uprightness, honesty, commitment, nothing is impossible.

Ethiopia will rule itself

God bless Ethiopia