Sting like a bee!!!

By Hadish Hagos
May 28 2010

No doubt the message is clear and it stings.The Ethiopian People Revolutionary Demcratic Front (EPRDF)and the Ethiopian people are not to be taken for a whipping boys.The west can't tolerate an independent black nation. On the other hand Ethiopian people, throughout their history do not tolerate foreign intervention. This was in display for the whole world to take note,demonstration after demonstration all over the country. For most of us it was heart warming day. The Unambiguous message from the Ethiopian people to the colonizers, if disturbed will sting like a bee, so be warned and take your hands off.

The arrogance of the BBC(the Black Bashing Corporate),the deceiving intention of EU, the crying foul of the US,the so called HRW(Herds of Racist/Right Wingers) obsession with Ethiopia is not because they care about the democratic process in Ethiopia but about their failure changing the EPRDF government to a government who wags tail for a crumb of bread and they will never stop trying.After the distabilizing team of the EU, lead by a socialist and political prostitue Ana Gomez failed , another mission was imposed upon our people and the result is the same vomitus.Why we Africans worship the white race , is beyond me .Is Africa not capable to organize observation team, or does it has to be white people so that it is "internationally credible". Does any one realy believe they care for the black race.

Why did the EU and US disrespect the vote of the Ethiopain people?Simply because they were not able to influence the election so that a yes men will win that will allow them take hold of the country. What do they mean when they claim that there was no level playing field? Is it EPRDF's responsibility to organize and campain on behalf of the opposition?

The opposition failed because they have nothing to offer to the people and to the process.The message of the people to these retarded and disgrantled bunch of losers , who shamelessley disgrace the proud ethiopian people was uncompromizing.No ride on the back of foreign country or you will be punished and punish they did. The retarded Professor Petros insulted the Ethiopian people by his statement that they voted for EPRDF because they were bought with money and the people told him " we do not sell our votes.

So Ethiopia moves on , thanks to the visionary leadership of the prime minister, Melse zenawi and enlightened Ethiopian people , better future is ahead. Hopefully , Ethiopia will become a self suffient country in a very near future and never allow foreign intervention

P/s Another 5 years of agony and misery for the chauvinist professor AL(ALF the alien). Poor guy, he has to regurgitate day in , day out for another 5 years. Come to think of it I wonder why he is so obsessed with the prime minister? attraction? hmmm.