Stop Aid to Ethiopia

By Gezaee Hailemichael

July 28 2008

Until recently I have had the feeling that food aid should be sought when needed. Nonetheless, the food aid to Ethiopia has become a major problem. The leaders are using the money given as aid to suppress and manipulate the citizen. They stand out as powerful using the money they collect in the name of the people.

Apparently the leaders and scholars of Ethiopia are not even capable of supporting themselves leave alone to alleviate the poverty of the people. The Ethiopian farmers are more self-reliant than the leaders and scholars of this nation. The leaders and scholars of Ethiopia rely on the poor farmers.

It is now almost half a century since Ethiopia has been begging food from outside. There is no change. The State of Ethiopia from Haileslassie to Meles Zenawi is the same. Ethiopia is in a Famine Static Equilibrium. Mengistu Hailemariam used to blame Haileslassie for all the ills in the country. The current government blames all the ills of the country on the two previous regimes. There is no any subjective or objective self-assessment about performance. Each government is perfect as long it is reigning the poor people of Ethiopia by suppression, subjugation, and repression.

If there was a competent, co-operative government that works with the people, Ethiopians would not have been a victim of famine every year. If there was a real government, it should have had a forecast of the present famine one year and two year and even more year ahead. The fact that we all know that Ethiopians are dying of hunger only from foreign media indicates that the government really has nothing to do with day to day lives of the people except talking about them as their representative, receiving guests, ambassadors, foreign leaders in the name of the people and collecting money under the name of development and at the same time living on it. The government did not say anything before the announcement of the starving people by NGOS. The government rather has come forth to oppose the figures of the number of people suffering from famine. The figure does not matter since the figure is a numerical extrapolation of the impact of famine forecast.

To solve African problem in general, Ethiopian problem in particular, the foreign government must stop aid. Then people can think organically and solve their problems themselves. The leaders will then listen and work with the people because they will not have the money to suppress the people. It is this money which is being used to suppress the people and for the elite to live on it. There is no any thinking to solve a problem. The only thinking is how to manipulate the citizen and how to beg money from outside.

The situation in Ethiopia is very scary now; multinational companies are sneaking into the country and taming these leaders so that they can have a foot hold in Ethiopia. Recently I have read an article which says City Bank of United States has moved into Ethiopia to help Ethiopians for free on banking. Wow, it sounds good, but that is what multinational companies do before starting business. The racist South African mega companies oil and gold mining companies killed Yonas Savimbi and then went to Angola to help the Angolans. Now the South African De Beers, Gold field, other Mega companies are there doing business not helping Angolans. Black South Africans still, about 80 % of homeless. Leave alone to help them, they do not even drive to the place where they live. But these the same people claimed they have moved to Angola to help Angolans and now they are milking Angola after killing Yonas Savimbi.

As I said, the situation of Ethiopia is very scary; people like Meles Zenawi are crazy with money . He will give away Ethiopia to any company which can offer him money. Eventually our people will not only continue to suffer famine and other misfortunes, but they will lose their lands forever and we Ethiopians are honestly free people. I know we will take it for granted. But there is a freedom we do not see in Ethiopia. If we allow Meles to continue selling out everything, this man will sell us forever. We will lose that freedom forever.

There is rumor that the Ethiopian government may give out the Telecommunication, Bank, all others major national entities. Nowhere in the world, no country has given out its national enterprise to a foreign company. A government can lease or give license or contract to a company to deliver services of telecommunications, but it is foolish to hand in national entities to any company. If city bank takes over the banking, Ethiopian national and Ethiopian private banks cannot compete with an American company. The day City bank and other foreign bank starts business in Ethiopia, that day will be the end of Ethiopian national banks and Ethiopian private banks. I have read opinions which say that they are partners than competitors, that is a joke. That is business strategy, they are taming the government officials and winning the heart and the minds of the people and even they will give money to the top leaders. This is what they do in general. It is in a business like this Jacob Zoma of South Africa has been bribed and later exposed. I am afraid Ethiopian officials may eventually sell the country and they will get money and but the people Ethiopia will be subjected to slavery on top of famine.

A responsible government empower its people, and develops its human resources. A government that pursues elite economy is not a government. We hear growth by 10 or 11 % percent while our people are starving to death. This is a conspiracy of the regime and the companies which are sneaking into the country. This regime is ready to hand the country to them, the companies will do anything possible to paint a good picture of the regime.

According to me, the foreign government must stop aid, and stop political interference and we must figure out to solve our problems ourselves. We are not used to this type of false information of growth while our people are dying. Then everyone will be at the same level and people will elect their leaders themselves than to be ruled by self-elected despots who depend on food aid every year and use aid to manipulate the poor people.