Open letter to those who are grumbling with Interview of Ato Siye Abraha
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Open letter to those who are grumbling with Interview of Ato Siye Abraha

By Aklilu Hagos Ghebru
Tigrai Online, Nov. 26, 2009

First of all, I would like to let the readers know that this is neither the official letter of Geza Tegaru Pal Talk Voice Room nor the idea of the owner of the room but mine as Admin or moderator of the room.

I am writing simply to answer to those who are grumbling with the interview of Ato Siye Abrha and much concern with the allegation of the blind supporter and the vocal diaspora against Geza Tegaru Voice Room with their baseless accusation. Geza Tegaru Pal Talk Voice Room fully supports the government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in its democratic process within the country and admires the extra ordinary achievement that we all have witnessed and I appreciate the hard work, effort and perseverance to fight poverty.

Geza Tegaru Room is there to promote a common interest by peaceful conversation with civilized manner between different political organizations, to create a peaceful zone by promoting a democratically process between different groups of people organized to accomplish an overall common goal, to promote the new Ethiopian renaissance to fulfil its vision and it helps to bring change within Ethiopia society by collecting innovative ideas.

Conducting interview with Ato Siye Abraha was a process of normalization and making aware of the general audience his political stands and his belief on the contemporary Ethiopian Politics and to share with us his mighty experience as our hero who liberated the Nations Nationalities People of Ethiopia from the butcher regime Derg.  And also it is one of the main philosophy behind Geza Tegaru Room to bring different ideas to one table in order to adapt a democratic culture between us. Unfortunately the vocal diaspora and the blind supporter have misinterpreted the mission of the room. As I explained on the above its mission is to make learning possible the democratic process in our country and it has a vision which translates into a mission based up on its value not as the blind supporter or the vocal diaspora thought to be. Apparently the so-called vocal diaspora and blind supporter has proved once again that it doesn’t have any clue about the very nature of democracy and ignored democracy as a method - an instrument that can guarantee the resolution of conflict through peaceful means and the only method that can help to arrive at political decisions.

However, despite the baseless accusation Geza Tegaru Pal Talk Voice Room will be continuing its service fairly and transparently.

I personally urge those who are still grumbling that the door is open for you and come and meet us in our Hard Talk Amharic programme every Tuesday and please I would like to recommend you to support your allegation with hard evidence.
@ahag1234 Geza Tegaru Paltalk Voice Room

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