It is just the Mind set stupid

By Mussie G.
June 18 2009

Lately several articles are posted on different websites about the one man dictator ship of Asmara’s new found love with G7. I came across one article by Abraham Berhe “Eritrea - Issayas Afewarki an Absurd War-Monger” posted on Probably most people have not noticed the coded message the Author was trying to send. Reading it between the lines; my intelligent guess; the author is one of our cousins to the north.

Still our Eritrean brothers particularly the high landers (kebesan) are in a state of confusion who they are as a people. We to the south think and it is true, we are the same people living in two different countries due to historical accident visa-vis colonialism. But this is not the contemporary Eritrean elites thought. I will leave that for now and come back to my main issue. The author told us how the Eritrean people are under siege from Mr. Afeworki dictator ship and the horn of Africa is destabilized by an insane dictator. The whole world knows that. But what is mind boggling is that Mr. Berhe is trying to tell us without a shame the man at the helm in Eritrea is not Eritrean to begin with but Ethiopian.

In his world an Eritrean wouldn’t do that what the mad man of Asmara is doing to his people. He called the president for life of Eritrea “UGUM ISSAYAS”. That is the asmarino word for “Agame”. It is a derogatory term the Eritreans use against Ethiopians, against tigreans to be exact. At the end of the article Mr. Berhe told us it won’t be long before the wedibats (“pure Eritreans”) will hold power in Asmara. On this day and age we have peoples like Mr. Berhe with such tortured mind set, which is not uncommon in Eritrean main stream politics.

Issayas Afewarki an Absurd War-Monger by Abraham Berhe