Surprise, Egypt returning asylum seeking Eritreans to Eritrea ? History Eritreans may have missed.

By Solomon Gebre-Amelak

June 20 2008

In the previous articles that I have written regarding Eritrea, I always mentioned the role of Egypt and its deep involvement in the affairs of Eritrea. To many Eritreans and to some extent to some Ethiopians, Egypt's role in isyas government is under estimated. At best some Ethiopians and Eritreans are aware of Egypt's influence on isyas but they think it is minimal. However, to this author Egypt and isyas are the prime suspects in the death of Ethiopia and Eritrean relationship. I will describe how that happened.

For many Ethiopians and Eritreans the genius of Egyptian intelligence services has been hidden. In fact the fact that Eritreans and Ethiopians minimize Egypt's role in shabia leadership itself is the genius work of the Egyptian intelligence services.

Phase: I. Eritrean struggle for independence:

According to leaked stories and research, in order for Eritrean independence to become a reality Egyptian intelligence unanimously, agreed to cultivate a unique history and ethnic identity for Eritrea. In fact the biggest challenge in Eritrea for Egyptian intelligence services was how to create a unique identity and culture for Eritrea? They were convinced that if Eritrea becomes independent but the cultural and ethnic bond between Ethiopians and Eritreans remained intact, then Egypt's long term interest in Eritrea will die. The solution to that dilemma was to create a permanent enmity among the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia . Once Egyptian intelligence formulated that policy the next step was to find a leadership who would not hesitate to execute the policy.

Phase:II. Egypt selects isyas

Those who are avid readers, you might be well aware how intelligence services recruit spies, and agents. During the formative years of the Eritrean struggle there were many bright Eritreans vying to lead their country to independence. At the end though the leadership and the political party that was accepted were isyas and his shabia organization. In isyas, Egypt found all the qualities that it was looking for in an Eritrean. The Egyptian intelligence services certainly studied isyas personality and his decision making, and cleverly cultivated him to the echelon of shabia leadership . From that point on the rest is history. Once the Egyptian intelligence services planted their man, isyas in Shabia, they did not need to work hard to destroy the history and the bond that existed between the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Phase: III. The making of "Tigringa people"

Now let us revisit the point about Egypt creating a permanent animosity between Eritrea and Ethiopia. During the Eritrean revolution Egypt propaganda writers decided to create a separate ethnic identity for all Eritreans. For example, if you read history a hundred years ago Eritrean people who spoke Tigrigna were considered Tigrean. Egypt’s quest was to erase and destroy identity sharing between Tigrean Eritrean and Eritrea Tigreans. Isyas and Egypt solution was to re-name Tigrean Eritreans as Tgirgia people. In all their propaganda writing, shabia era Eritrean writers took great effort and pain to create a separate identity for the Tigreans of Eritrea. In fact, according to their propaganda writing the Ethiopian Tigrean and people and the "Tigrigna Eritreans" magically shared a common language, but did not share a common ancestor. This is the assertion of isyays era intellectuals and propaganda writing. For the naïve individual this maybe seen carelessly, as something that could not have a profound impact on the relationship between Ethiopia and Eritrea. The truth is to the contrary.

Phase:IV. The process of social engineering for the purpose of division

The idea of we Eritreans are completely different than Ethiopians paved a way for Shabian intellectuals to demonize Ethiopians in general, and Tigreans in particular. Shabian propaganda writers trashed all the history that existed between the Ethiopian people and Eritrea, and instead worked hard to create a new Eritrean identity. The general population of Eritrea was very confused about this new development. Isyas blind followers said yes sir to everything isyas preached to them, and few others remained critical of these new developments.

Phase: V. The product of isyas propaganda

How will these new developments affect the relationship between Eritrea and Ethiopia before and after Eritrea's independent? Since shabia leadership and cadres were convinced by Egyptian propaganda department, they continued to intensive demonizing and harming Ethiopians at any time that they had opportunity.

For example, during the famine of 1977 (EC) when thousands of Tigreans were perishing as a result of Derges brutal reaction to the famine, Tigrean had no choice but to flee to the Sudan for food aid. Unfortunately the only safe and easy way to reach Sudan was through Eritrea. How did Shaiba leadership under isyas reacted to the Emergency that the Tigrean people had? Shaibia declined TPLF request to use the Eritrea road. I think isyas choice to refuse Tigreans in their time of emergency need, was the end between the brotherly and sisterly relationship that existed between Ethiopians and Eritreans . Before that time we taught they were our own blood brothers and sisters. In fact how could we think they are different than us? We share the same language, culture and history? But at that time the khadem isays and his stooges affirmed the "Tigrigna" Eritreans under isyas leadership were a different ethnic group than Ethiopian Tigreans. If they were our blood brothers and sister they would not have refused to help us in our darkest moment in history . From that time on, Tigreans understood that as long as Eritreans were under the leadership of isyas, they will always be against a peaceful and brotherly coexistence. As a result of isyas refusal to allow Tigreans to use the Eritrea to pass to Sudan, thousands of Tigreans died. Fortunately the determined Tigrean people assembled hundred of thoustands men and women and were able to open a safe passage to the Sudan. The arrogant isyas confident of his masters in Egypt missed a great opportunity to take a note on what Ethiopians can accomplish under great duress.

The story about 1977 could also be directly linked to the genius of Egyptian intelligence services. In fact they Egyptian intelligence community would have predicted isyas would react the same way that he reacted to the Tgirean people emergency need of 1977. How would a wise Eritrean leader acted at that time? A wise Eritrean leader would have said waite a minute; these people are our people even if we chose to have a separate country. And without hesitant would have helped the Tigrean people in their time of need.

Therefore, the roots of Egypt evil design on the destiny of Eritrea and Ethiopia began to blossom when isyas and shabia were selected by Egypt to lead the Eritrean people struggle for self- determination.

Given these realities and truth why did Eritreans decided to flee to Egypt? The majority of Eritreans have genuinely believed isyas and Shaibia leadership was serving the interest of Eritrea ?. Egypt or isyas propaganda mislead Eritreans about many facts.

In conclusion these are the true facts about isyas and Egypt's relationship

  1. Egypt has always been the prime designed of all major domestic and international policy. A case in point, Egypt rushed isyas to print the Nakfa money, well aware that it would the catalyst for another war.
  2. Egypt cleverly manipulated isyas propaganda machine, for that reason isyas propaganda has been poisoning the relationship between Ethiopia and Eritrea.
  3. Egypt cleverly manipulates isyas to be aggressive with his neighbors and when his neighbors strike back, he forces the youth to be militarized.
  4. Egypt cleverly manipulated isyas to believe that the friendship of Arab country is more important than Ethiopia.
  5. Egypt cleverly manipulates isays to believe that it can make Ethiopia bow down through Somalia and Eritrea.
  6. Egypt cleverly manipulated isyas to believe that he can outlast all the problems that have been created as a result of Egypt's disregard for the well being of the Eritrean people.

Consequence of the above Egyptian design on Eritrean population All Eritreans sacrificed heavily for the independence of Eritrea, but what is Eritrea to Eritreans today?

  1. In today's Eritrea, prisons have mushroomed in all corners of Eritrea to prison Eritreans who yearn for freedom and the right to life.
  2. Today's Eritrea children do not want to grow to adulthood, for that means an abuse and oppression by Egypt and isyas political and military machine.
  3. In Today's Eritrea, the elders are saying I wish I died before I saw these tragic conditions imposed on my children.
  4. In today's Eritrea, its citizens are running form the brutal Egypt and isyas oppression to all the corners of the world.
  5. Finally, yes thousands of naïve Eritreans fled to Egypt for protection and shelter; the question is would they have done that if they Knew the above history. As the common saying goes "knowledge is power"