"Tecola Hagos: Dieing for a Little Attention"


Tecola Hagos: Dieing for a Little Attention

By Engineer Ghirma
June 11, 2007

What has the professor done for Ethiopia lately? The blunt answer is “nothing of value”. As for his intellect-lacking uttering from time to time against the democratically elected EPRDF government, it is only for personal attention from DERG clones, period.

Tecola is not fit to tie Tagai Sebhat Nega’s shoes, in my opinion, let alone judging his inetegrity. My sources, if true, tell me that Tecola was born and raised in Asmara and that he was a die hard supporter of EPLF when he was young. If my sources are wrong, then Tecola ought to deny the allegations and set his own record straight.

Tagai Sebhat Nega is a man of principle and tells the truth. His comments during the interview about standing by the choice the Eritrean people made concerning their independence, if only the last referendum had been fairly conducted, is something that all Ethiopians must respect. The Ethiopian Constitution provides the right of Nations and Nationalities to secede without bloodshed, if they should elect to do so legally. Where is Tecola’s intellect or lack thereof, on this matter anyway? For a person who has never put his own life in jeopardy in defense of Ethiopia, it is just a war game that Professor Tecola Hagos likes to play from time to time. www.tigraionline.com/war-is-not-game.html

I firmly believe that Eritreans will get a second chance to conduct another referendum to decide whether or not to rejoin the Motherland. Professor Tecola’s option of war must remain his alone. Ethiopians are focused on the task of waging war on poverty.

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