Tekeze Hydropower project was inaugurated on Nov 14 2009

The Tekeze hydroelectric power project has been inaugurated and officially begin providing services as of Saturday. Nearly four billion Birr is spent on construction of the project, which has capacity to generate 300 MW electric power. The Ethiopian government fully covered the construction cost.
We at Tigrai Online would like to congratulate the Ethiopian government and people on this great project's successful completion. We are proud!

I like to say congratulations to the Ethiopian people and government on the accomplishment of Takeze Hydropower. This it is truly amazing; this is the fruit of our peoples' harsh straggle and the great leadership of the Government. I am proud to say I am Ethiopian!!

I am very happy by the takeze project. I hope also all projects finish like this and help the ethiopian people's shortage of energy and light, and hopefully work normal.

This is one significant project for my people of ethiopia. Eventhough, we live out of our country, we are alawy with you and with our mother country ethiopia. We hope to see more things done to help our people in ethiopia and keep up the good work. We are alawys with you we love you. To all the workers who contrbuted to build tekeze dam please tell us how we can help fainacialy to build more dams like tekeze.
Neggassi Gebremeskel

This is the best things to reward the people for their long being patient. Don't you agree with me, i do like good things for all mankind. But, more for those who have been sufering to rest for even awhile. Thanks keep on doing good things.
Abera Belo

I was there in augest and what an amezing work. keep up the good work. lets not cheat ourselve please work hard and eat your fruit honestly, by creating work for the people by making it as a tourist destination.

Congratulation to Ethiopians

Congradulations to all citizen of ethiopia!!!and thanks to those who did this event and your mother conuntry will remeber you untill the end. And, I am pround of you and being an ethiopian.

I had the chance to visit the project when it was under constraction in 2006. I have been going to Ethiopia every 2 years for the last decade and visited so many places, but that day in Tekeze it was more than happiness, full of emotions and hard to explain. To the west of the bridge is the Semien mountains which reminds me of my childhood 30 years ago. Indeed it was very imotional for me . On my next trip I will camp there for days . I congradulate all Ethiopians and I am very proud of it.
Kahsay Abraha

The Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo) is planning to build a second hydropower dam on the Tekeze River.
Mihiret Debebe, Chiefe Executive Officer of EEPCo, told The Reporter that the corporation was planning to build Tekeze some II 60-100 km downstream from Tekeze I, which was inaugurated two weeks ago.
According to Mihiret, Tekeze II will have an installed capacity of 600 MW. “This has been incorporated in the government’s ten-year development strategy. And it will be constructed when the required finance is secured from local or foreign sources,” Mihiret said. He added that the corporation has several bankable projects.
The Ethiopian government's ten-year development strategy aims at boosting the country’s total generation capacity to 15,000 MW. The government plans to produce 60,000 GWR of energy, according to the development strategy. It also has set a target of raising energy per capita consumption to 1000 KWH and electric power coverage to 100 percent.
Ethiopia has the capacity to generate 45,000 MW of hydropower electric power. It can also produce up to 5000 MW from geothermal sources