Ethiopian elites are busy Destroying Ethiopia

By Gezaee Hailemichael

Sept. 02 2008

They hate anything Ethiopian. They measure their status, knowledge based on a foreign standard. They abhor any home grown idea, and embrace any foreign idea. By such a trend, some renegade Ethiopians imported communism into Ethiopia. Communism then had been applied in Ethiopia as if it had been designed to efface anything Ethiopian from the face of Ethiopia. The story has not ended there, our story is on the go. Now things are not pretty different from the communism of yester years. We have hybrid leaders and scholars who have tightened their gird to destroy Ethiopia.

Once more, we have leaders who have imported mixed ideas of communism and Capitalism. While our population is booming and land has become so scarce in Ethiopia. While our land has been completely degraded, and is in need of an urgent intervention and environmental redemption, our leaders are busy inviting venture capitalists to take the remaining land and to destroy the land we have at stake. So far, our water systems and soil have been out of reach of chemical pollution. Now there is a floriculture industry owned 60 % by venture capitalists and the land is under unscrupulous and greedy high input agriculture practices. The leaders of this government what they know only is collecting money there is knowledge of the pros and cons such practices.

In further to this, the government and its Pseudo-scholars are actively engaged in destroying our language. Ethiopian language is being replaced word by word by English. Replacing a single Ethiopian word is a blessing from heaven. It is like a drop of water from the sky. It is a heavenly blessing to replace one word by an English word. Hundred percent Ethiopians speak their own language. English is being thought from elementary to University. In University, Everything is in English but no Ethiopians speaks English even if we study it, it is not our language; we do not use it on our daily life. It is not part of our culture.

If one watches the Ethiopian TV programme, it is very shameful. You can hardly find Ethiopian language written properly. Let us say TV has no word in our language, but there is many words for program. But in an Ethiopian TV program, the Amharic word for program is thrown out and program is written instead. Ethiopia has about 80 million people. Without exaggeration, those 80 million people speaks Ethiopian language. Those who are called educated whom I call pseudo-scholars cannot even make 1 percent of the population. It is probably those 1 percent pseudo-scholars who might know what program means. The rest of the 80 million people have no clue what program means. This is not the only case, I can write every English word which has replaced our language. If I start writing all the wrong things Ethiopians are doing on to their language, my computer will run out of memory. But many Ethiopians may understand what I am saying. The prime minister himself is a good model of for replacing our own words by an English word. In 2007, he went to a place in Tigray called Axum. He was saying happy new Millennium, and there is a word in Tigrignea or Amharic which everyone can understand, but he did not use the local language word instead he used millennium while he was addressing to villagers who have no clue what Millennium . Millennium is a word which is alien to the 80 million people. Millennium is a Latin word mille for thousand and annum for year. 80 million Ethiopians have no clue about Latin or Greek except may be in the church, may be only the Pope.

There is also federalism in Ethiopia; there is many words for this in Ethiopia. The 80 million people do not know what federalism is meant to be. However, government leaders and cadres from top to bottom unleash their theory of federalism to the 80 million people who have no clue what federalism meant to be. The government officers and cadres cannot communicate with their subjects using local language. If they use English word in their speech, it is a sign of higher status and it is an expression of superiority on their subjects. This is true in Ethiopia. But it is shameful. This is the tips of the ice berg and there is much worse than this. If this is what the government is doing at grass root, If feel the government is destroying the country to no avail. Money cannot buy once own identity. One can empower the people by empowering their identity, but not by destroying their identity. Destroying once own language is destroying oneself.

There other groups also who are engaging in destroying Ethiopia. They call themselves Ethiopian artists. I viewed their advertisement. They claim that they produced an indigenous movie. I thought it was really indigenous and I was yearning to buy it online. But my yearning was cut short when I read the cover of DVD that it was written in Tigrignea but the word was not Tigrignea, the word was English but written in the local scripts Geez and then I decided not to buy it since I may hear an English movie written and edited in Geez. These are the words which are written on the DVD. If is English it ought to be called English.

1. Mekefafeliti bahgi entertainment, here why is entertainment neededand written in English? If the artists are addressing to their Ethiopian audience, why they need entertainment written in Tigrignea or amharic? For what? Shame you artists, you can even see this big flaw on the cover of your DVD. False artists. False artists can destroy their culture and misrepresent. It is like some of the Ethiopian and Eritrean restaurants in North America who have a sign post which says Genuine and authentic Eritrean or Ethiopian restaurants but when you enter inside there is no anything Ethiopian or Bahre Negashian. You find out that they were lying to their customers. But their aims is to cheat their customers to get in.

2. The second on the cover of DVD , producer Rahwa promotion, Producer and promotion is written in tigrignea for me the audience who speak Ethiopian language. Assuming I am one of the 80 million people in Ethiopia, what I am going to do with producer written in Tigringea and promotion written in Tigrignea. Here shame artist of Rahwa. I think this must be the lost soul diaspora who are bent to hell to destroy Ethiopia one way or the other to make money in whatever possible. Joking, except me most diaspora wanted to sell out Ethiopia by misrepresenting Ethiopia. My thank goes to Eritreans whom I am taking pride. At this stage it is only Eritreans who are really the vanguard of Geez. Although they have thrown away their Calendar for European Calendar which is derived from Geez Calendar itself also Eritrean or Bahre Negashians may not know that.

The other story, I also watched an advertisement in Tigrignea. There is civilization in Tigray imported by EPRDF from somewhere. Water is on sale in Tigray. While the developed world is battling to discourage the bottled water business since water is being sold by greedy people to make money when the quality of the bottled water is far less than the tap water in the western world. In Ethiopia, it is shameful that imitating everything which is done in the western world is being considered good and a sign of civilization. If everything from the west is good, the killing of 2 million women in the west by accusing them for having sex with devil was good. We did not do that but we may do it now since it the only thing which we are not doing. My people, there are good things in the west, there is bad thing in west. We have our own goods and bads, and they do have their own goods and bads. We have bad history and they have also bad history. We must stop scavenging everything from the west as good.

On the other hand, once more we have scholars who preach hatred; we have scholars who once again wanted to package the so called democracy from the white house to be dole out to Ethiopians like corn, and wheat. These scholars who call themselves Ethiopians are other enemies of Ethiopia in disguise. They wish to make law in the United states and wish to be tele-leaders of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia needs true Ethiopians, it does not need pseudo-scholars and pseudo-leaders. Ethiopia needs people who have the spirit of Emperoro Tewodros, Emperor Yohannes, Heroes like Alula, Zereay deres,king Ezana, king Lalibela,...

Ethiopia needs genuine Ethiopians. Ethiopia does not need wolves and hyenas in sheep clothes.

Our language, our culture is our symbol and our identity. Those who are destroying our culture and our symbols in the name of democracy and for money must think twice.

Long live Ethiopia my beloved country.