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Happy Ethiopian Millenium

By Suhulmichael Abai (Tigrai Online admin)
Sep. 10 2007

Happy Ethiopian Millenium year 2000 poster designed by Tigrai Online

The Ethiopian Millennium is as unique as Ethiopia itself. There is no country in the world that has its own alphabet, calendar, time keeping, and undiluted pure culture and traditions, on top of all of that never been colonized.

The past 2000 years has been shaping Ethiopia and the Ethiopian society to what it is today. We can not claim all of it was picture perfect, of course some of our history was marked by wars, famines and some difficult trying times. The point is we should have learned from it and we are.

Now that we are here in the year 2000, what should we do in the next 1000 years? We should use the Millennium to rid of our social problems, like hunger, diseases, illiteracy, and backwardness. We should use the new Millennium as a spring board to propel us towards the new era of prosperity, peace, and unity of our people, strength, technology, and the information highway.

Let us not be fighting on meaning less issues and waist our valuable time and energy. Let us forget and forgive for the sake of peace and progress and use this Millennium as a new beginning. Let us open new communication lines so we can get along better and be proud of our collective pride and heritage. Let us realize that all the peoples and regions of Ethiopia make up Ethiopia and we should respect each other regardless of who contributed what.

Let us rejoice, that we are all Ethiopians!!!

I wish you a wonderful safe happy new year.!!!

Thank you

Tigrai Online Admin

Happy Ethiopian Millenium year 2000
This poster by Kassa Berhe

Enjoy some of the Millennium videos from youtube, we will post more as soon as the are available. Send your pictures and videos to us tp be posted in this page.

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