The train of renaissance, and enlightenment hijacked by vocal diaspora Ethiopian opposition?

By Daniel Barkaw
Nov. 08 2009

In this brief article I will try to articulate the history of the vocal Diaspora Ethiopian opposition. These groups have tried hard to claim it is the best representative of the Ethiopian people interest. A brief journey to the past Ethiopian history will reveal that the vocal Diaspora Ethiopian opposition or VDEO is an exclusive club that belongs to the children of Haile Sellasie and Derge regime era bureaucrats. EPRDF on the other hand was cultivated, nurtured, and blossomed in the midst of the peasantry of Ethiopia. Therefore, naturally VDEO and EPRDF will never find a common ground. My theory is that the gap will only continue to grow wider. VDEO will continue to spew hate regardless of the economic and political progress of Ethiopia. EPRDF on the other hand, will continue to guide the Ethiopian citizenry to the age of Renaissance, and enlightenment. VDEO keeping with the tradition will continue to prevent an age of economic and educational Renaissance from taking place in Ethiopia. To further articulate my thesis, we need quick glimpse to the history of Ethiopia. After all the study of history can give us a good understanding of the present and the future.

Ladies and Gentleman, Ethiopia has been in existence for thousands of years. Ethiopia is one of the oldest countries in the world. In many books and poetry, we have praised our ancestors for giving us a country that we can call home. However, we have to understand that the history of our ancestors is not all rosy and glory. In fact, throughout history the leaders of Ethiopia were corrupt. They were also too possessive of their position. The leaders of Ethiopia in the past have always prevented the peasantry from entering the exclusive club of leadership. If we read Ethiopian history, there is no clear indication of racism of one group over the other based on ethnic group? In fact, all the leaders of the past treated all the Ethiopian peasantry regardless of ethnic group equally. The leaders of Ethiopia in the past were also mixed of all ethnic groups. Ras, Dedjazmatch, and all the nobility names could be found among all Ethiopian ethnic groups.

However, the problem was that the exclusive nobility controlled everything, and kept the population of Ethiopian uneducated. They figured that it will be difficult to control an educated society. Unlike their counterpart nobilities in Europe, those Ethiopian leaders worked hard to prevent enlightenment and Renaissance to be cultivated, and nurtured in the beautiful land of Ethiopia. As a result of that greedy action by the Kings and ruling nobility of the past, Ethiopia continued to suffer, because her children were too illiterate to develop their land. Ethiopia continued to suffer because her children continued to be hunted by the symptoms of illiteracy. The symptoms of illiteracy convince one worship a tyrant king and a suspicious among other ethnic groups, these symptoms spread out through Ethiopia, and again the ruling nobility continued to use these as weapon to divide and control the population of Ethiopia. Therefore, Ethiopia continued to be poor for centuries, and the legacy continued to the twentieth century.

Ladies and gentleman, in 1991 Ethiopia changed forever. It was the first time ever that the entire population of Ethiopia could have a say in what goes on in Ethiopia. In my opinion, it’s no doubt that EPRDF is the child of the Ethiopian peasantry. Eighteen years later, EPRDF work of economic, and educational development have reached many villages throughout Ethiopia. EPRDF understands the needs of the peasantry than any leadership in the history of Ethiopia.

In fact, EPRDF economical, and educational development is to bring an age of enlightenment, and Renaissance for the Ethiopian nation. It has been aggressively working hard day and night to make sure that villages throughout Ethiopia can access basic education. Educations that will allow them to write, think, and calculate. At this time in Ethiopian history, one can say that the problem of illiteracy, is close to been eradicated. If you were born outside Addis Ababa and Asmara, more likely your parents were illiterate, thanks to the legacy of Haile Sellasie, and Derge regime. Thanks to EPRDF this is not the case in today’s Ethiopia.

In today’s Ethiopia true sense of economic and educational Renaissance is taking place. Every citizen in the country is encouraged to think, to invent, to construct, and to develop. These policies have defiantly have been fruitful. Small towns have become major towns, small colleges have become major universities, and major cities are expanding and becoming modern standard cities. True Ethiopian nationalist are also investing in education, health, to improve the life of their fellow citizen.

In short EPRDF is trying to teach the Ethiopian population that they have the power to change their nation. EPRDF is teaching the population that the citizen is the most important agent of change and development. To empower the citizen, EPRDF provides loans, basic education, and much other training that he or she needs to achieve a goal. This is the small ways that EPRDF uses to empower the citizens of Ethiopia. EPRDF has a clear vision and goal how it wants to lead, and what it wants to achieve.

In this contest, now let us examine the GODs of darkness, and the guardians of evil messages of the past. As I briefly mentioned earlier, the leadership in the past has held Ethiopia hostage from economical and educational development. The leading nobility, kings, and Ras, prevented the peasants from education. The leaders of the past were not confidant enough to rule and educated population. Well, the leaders of the past have died, times have changed, and new era in Ethiopia has arrived. But the children of those elites are still a life. The children of those leaders who were trying to keep Ethiopia in the age of darkness are still a life, and they are also well educated. Most of them live in Europe, and America. At the moment they have chosen to continue their parents’ tradition, and are known to most Ethiopians as the vocal Diaspora Ethiopians or VDEO. Just like their parents, these Diaspora Ethiopians, are working hard to prevent the Renaissance, and enlightenment that is taking place in Ethiopia. They come up with a new lie every day, and curse the leadership of EPRDF. They try to divide the Ethiopian people, be writing subtle hate messages toward some Ethiopian ethnic groups. They try to stage protest to show their serious concern. They try to prevent western counties from helping the poor Ethiopians. They tried everything to high jack, the Train of Resistance and enlightenment that are running across the entire Ethiopia nation.

However, too bad, the children of the oppressors of the past will not succeed at the moment. While their fathers ruled and oppressed the entire nation of Ethiopia through force and denial of basic education, the vocal Diaspora is powerless. They try to spread hate through the internet, radio, fax, chat rooms, and community gathering. All these methods are now declared useless, because action speaks louder than words. EPRDF actions of brotherly love, love of a nation, and respect of all brothers and sisters values are shown through action. As all governments, there could be bad apples who try to destroy the name of EPRDF, but as a whole organization, EPRDF is the child of the Ethiopian peasantry.

In conclusion, VDEO will continue to make noise, while EPRDF will continue to march forward and build a strong united Ethiopia. 2010, election will bring great victory for EPRDF. And the motto I suggest is “vote for EPRDF means a vote for the empowerment of the Ethiopian citizenry”. EPRDF legacy, will be that it brought an enlightenment to the Ethiopian citizenry that is been fiercely resisted by VDEO. In my theory, based on the nature of EPRDF and VDEO, their difference is irreconcilable. The only hope is that the children of VDEO, who happen to be born in the Western world, will less likely to continue the work of their parents. More likely the children of VDEO will be Ethiopian looking, but with 100% Western mentality. Therefore, the demise of VDEO evil intention is inevitable.