Ethiopia is full of traitors, Bandas, Crooks, and Conformers

By Gezaee Hailemichael

July 21 2008

Those who are shedding crocodile tears crying about Ethiopia are the worst enemy of Ethiopia. They are wolves who are ready to tear Ethiopia into pieces in disguise. Now I am completely dismayed by the Meles Zenawi generation. It is not only Meles Zenawi who is busy selling out Ethiopia. There are others on the queue who are ready to conform to Meles Zenaw’s mission.

Yacob Hailemariam, the priest of United Nation, is preaching to us about international law which Ethiopia must obey. He has suckled the colonial milk. He is baptized by the colonizers. He is telling us Menelick has signed many agreement with a gun leveled at him and he says those are rectified internationals law which Ethiopia must obey. He says the boundary commission was internationally incognito but we still must obey their decision.

I honestly do not understand what this dude will call Ethiopia then if he adheres to the colonizers ideology. According to him, Ethiopian citizens must conform to all the mistakes their leaders commit including his which is forth coming after Meles.

This is a bona fide, this dude does not care damn about Ethiopia or Ethiopians. He is poising himself to preach us international law and all about the milk he has drunk from the United Nation.

Young Ethiopians must rise up to claim their nation from these vultures like Yacob Hailemariam and Meles Zenawi who are ready to devour Ethiopia for their own ego. If this man could have taken office in the 2005 election, he could have done much worse than Meles Zenawi. Since he has drunk the Milk of the United Nation, he cannot remember the milk of his mother Ethiopia . He would think he knows international law and the United Nation, he would sell out Ethiopia at any price. According to his statement, the Ethiopian people cannot have a say it is only him and the fiber of the milk he has drunk from the United Nation which must shape the destiny of Ethiopia.

I remember now Kiros Alemayo, Miknay Miknay Kulu Nimraey ( it is good to live to see everything that will happen ). I hope Yacob Hailemariam will never get his way to the Ethiopian palace. We need Ethiopian thinkers. We do not need those who are lost souls who are brained washed by United Nation and who have lost the Ethiopian substances. Young Ethiopians must not give chances to people like Meles and Yacob Hailemariam. They need to be nipped as early as possible before causing much damage to our country. Why must Ethiopians support Yacob Hailemariam? Because he knows international law? Damn because he is ready to implement Meles’ Agenda? Does Burkuan Mekdesa share Yacob Hailemariams view? If so , God save Ethiopia, this is really a wake up call for young Ethiopians, it is this confused generation like Yacob Hailemariam and Meles Zenawi who have messed up Ethiopia so far. These guys are more colonized than those who were colonized. People like Yacob Hailemariam has internalized colonial ideology. They are not free people. They are mentally colonized, the worst type of colonization. We must say to this lost souls nay nay, it is a time for them to retire now. They spent most of their prime lives serving foreigner powers lured by big cash and now when they are thrown out they claim they have to be leaders in Ethiopia. Yeshagete ena yegema Engira yitallal engi aybelam ( if a bread has a mold and a bad aroma, one does not eat it but throw it away ). Ethiopia does not need you now. You are a liability to Ethiopia , you will not able to do anything good since you operate by a colonial operating system. Ethiopia does not need such operating system.

Young Ethiopians are on their way of developing an Ethiopian operating system. Slaves must free themselves before freeing others.

We will free Ethiopia from slaves and slave masters.