Down Trodding the Down Trodden

By Gezaee Hailemichael

Dec. 26 2007

cudNetsanet Demissie delivered a baby in prison. Even if someone commits crime, he or she must be held responsible for the act of crime. Needless to say he or she must be treated with dignity and humanity. The main aim of holding individuals for the wrong things they do is not to rob these people their humanity. It must have been in a bid to transform these people to be virtuous citizens.

Daniel Bekele, and Netsanet Demissie, are they more criminal than those who are the main actors of the election havoc in 2005? The people who caused the havoc, blood-shed and the people who committed the crime are walking free. The people who caused the day nightmare and the people who asked pardon and released but who spurned their pardon after their release walk free, but the two individuals who denied any wrong doing and who separated themselves from those have no integrity and consistency are emaciating in prison.

Ethiopian people, is this fair? Is this justice? Criminals who have people to lobby for them and who have power go free without being accountable for the crimes they have committed. Those who have no lobby group emaciate in prison, is this justice? Is this the type of prosperous Ethiopia we are dreaming of? The powerful go away with their crime, but the powerless pay the price? Is this the type of prosperous Ethiopia we want? Does it mean in the New Ethiopia, justice and democracy is a mockery like this? This is the survival of the fittest and the strongest. The powerful and strong survive, but the powerless and voiceless pay the price.

I say to the Ethiopian government, this is wrong, immoral, unethical, corrupt justice. You are embarrassing us too much. Does it mean you only released the main actors of havoc because of their lobby group? What you are actually doing attests what you have done. You are telling us you have developed Ethiopia and you are telling us Ethiopia is embarking a journey in a new highway. My people development is not only bread, modern life style. Development is not only about money. According to me development without justice and spiritual prosperity is a rotten egg . A man cannot live by bread alone. Look South Africa is the most prosperous country in Africa materially. But it is a country with crime, drug, corruption . People live with no security for their life. If one go to a South African prison it is like you are convicted with death sentence. Because men will be raped in the prison and contract HIV. Even if one is innocent but caught at the wrong time and wrong place, one will be put in prison and raped and contract HIV and that is the end of it. We know USA is the most prosperous nation on the earth, but look their social fibre, look the social violence, look the shootings In the schools, crimes, immoralities,. Whereas in Ethiopia where people are very poor but the nation is crime free except political violence and injustice like this. Thus money will not secure us. Our faith and truth can only secure us. Our ancestors being known for being the just, wise and intelligent people. Our legend and folklore tells all about that.

The case of Netsanet Demissie, delivery of a baby in prison is not less than that. This is injustice, inhumanity and cruelty. As I said imprisoning people must not aim to destroy the people but it must be in a bid to teach and transform this people to be a good and productive citizen.

Ethiopian government, this is not acceptable to us. Why do you always create an opposing current against yourself? Why you always prefer to do your business the hard way instead of the easy way? What will you get politically by mistreating two voiceless individuals? I am dismayed about this now. When I always want to change and to support the government, I find the government very disappointing because I find the government in pursuit of menial and useless things. You released the main actors but now you are play with two voiceless individuals.

I honestly do not want this type of Ethiopia. I wanted an Ethiopia where every Ethiopian is treated impartially, with dignity and integrity.

Ethiopians do not keep quiet, you express your disagreement with the government. And you do not need to swear at the individuals at the government office. You need to manifest your displeasure and you need to express the unfairness of the justice system in Ethiopia. If we keep quiet until it knocks our door it is not good. Every human being or Ethiopian deserve justice, fairness.

I therefore say to Ethiopian government this is enough and release the two individuals. You are only tarnishing your image. I am respecting these two individuals now. I feel pity for them. They are individuals who have no someone to lobby or talk for them in the white house.

Divine justice, Freedom to Ethiopia