Un-Finished Colonial Scheme

By Gezaee Hailemichael

Sept. 13 2008

The Maggot of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Terrence Lyons

I honestly get astounded when people like Terrence demand that Ethiopia must do this and that. Who are these people? Why are they acting on behalf of Eritrea? Hey, look, democracy which forces Ethiopia and Ethiopian to accept EBCs decision in favour of Eritrea? What a farce?

This is why we condemn the regime for taking our country to the colonizers. The colonizers did not finish their job yet although they were given the chance by the regime in Ethiopia. Ethiopia was given wilfully to them. But the truth about Ethiopia will prevail, and the enemies will see it sooner or later that Ethiopia is not a parochial state of the Maggot of the center for Strategic and International studies.

Although I oppose the regimesí policy against my country, I would like to convey my message to Terrence that it is none of her or his business. You must do your business. You must not meddle in the affairs of my country. I am not interfering in the affairs of your country.

Ethiopia is a sovereign country, regardless how bad the leadership we have , it is our business. It is none of your business. United States has no any right to force my country to do anything which is against my country. I have no any right to make or say anything about the United States and so the same applies to them. Neither you nor the United State has the right to force my country or my people which is against my country or my people.

If you can do anything, go to Somalia and even ask the Ethiopian regime to get out of Somalia which I support and help the Somalis who have been living in war now almost 18 years. Please stop writing garbage like this about my beloved country. I know people like you have nothing to do with democracy, they are using democracy as a mask to implement their hidden neo-colonial schemes.