Unite the Nation: Motivate the citizen and set free Political Prisoners

By Gezaee Hailemichael
June 05 2009

As I hear the news that European bank withdraws funding from Ethiopia’s dam [ Afrol News] I realize Ethiopia is being ruled by western Journalists. I remember very recently reading an article written by one British Journalist .

I think now it is overdue, let us rule ourselves. Let us have our own democracy, let them have their democracy for themselves as they apply it.The west can build nuclear plants; they can produce and sell carcinogenic GM food. They can produce toxic fertilizers and sell it to us and pollute our soil and water systems. They can manufacture guns and their toxic ammunitions and sell it to us. They can do anything they want; however when it comes to us; we are tethered by their rope. They can pull us from anywhere, and they can push us to anywhere.

Here is my suggestion to Ethiopian government; Stop begging, set free all political prisoners . Unite, mobilize the nation from North to South . I believe if we unite with good faith, reconciliation, leave alone 1.5 billion, we can raise 20 billions or more. We can do it ourselves without begging any one. I know it is hard to do if there is no such thinking paradigm. This government has to listen to its people. It is better to have motivated citizen than to have zillions of Euros or Dollars by begging.

Meles Zenawi listen, your best investment is not the company you call to invest or the money you beg, the best investments are your citizen. I know you have a problem with that because you rely too much on donation than on your people. This is a big problem. No matter what good ideas you have, you are not moving the country forward. Ethiopia is ruled by NGOS and Journalists.

In 2005, you called NGOS to take over power from you, and you almost gave them the authority to marshal the country which caused the death of many precious lives. Now you allow every spy to move in and out of the country like no ones land, as you can see, the British Journalist whom your worship has done his dirty job. A Does a British Journalist know better than Doctor Tewolde Birhan Gebrigziabhir about ecological impact. How?

The British Government is a thorn to Ethiopia. The British Government has stopped Haileslassie’s Marshal plan to harness the Nile because the British government is the surrogate mother of Egypt . When Hailesslassie finalized a contract with Americans to launch the implementation of the Mega Nile dam, the British run up and down and convinced the Americans to withdraw from the contract.

Here we go again, a British spy flies in to Ethiopia and claiming as a journalist ; he told us stories about environmental impact and local population impact.

The British has held our country hostage since they set their foot on our land. The conflict we have now in Eritrea , Ogaden is because of them. Imagine, ONLF’s which massacred 75 people has a head office in London. People, unless we stand by ourselves; they will not allow us to feed ourselves. We need to unite, get motivated and raise the money from our own people and build what we wish to build.

Thus the government must set free all political prisoners, unite and mobilize the people inside and outside the country. The only solution for our problem is ourselves. The government must find alternative funding source for the time being. The project must not come to a standstill because of this. Probably the government has to plan something with China. The British Government will never allow Ethiopia to move on. They are not even ashamed to keep our manuscripts in their libraries as if theirs and Tabots. The donation they give us is a poison which will only reduce to slavery and we are already reduced to nuts by them. They will never allow us to use water resources. Look what is happening in DRC? The DRC the richest country in the world, its people are suffering; however, Foreign nations are mining Uranium,… illegally. This is an open secret even UN has been doing a Nuke business in Congo.

Ethiopians, wake up; stop ers bers Menakor; think about the 80 million people who are waiting to learn English to civilize. The British has infected us with language. They did not occupy us physically, but they have still colonized us mentally. We are wasting our lives studying their vocabulary by throwing away our own full fledged language. It is this conspiracy which is keeping Ethiopia in the darkness. The Chinese are using their language to use Technology; They are not using English. When the British Convinced Haileslassie not to use his language, the mental colonization started at that time. They have tied our hands and tongues and brain by their language. I guess, the withdrawal of the funding by Europeans investment has nothing to do with environment or local people. This has to do with relationship of the surrogate mother and Egypt and Kenya.