U.S. State Department issues Travel Warning for Eritrea

Tigrai Online
March 03 2009

U.S. State DepartmentWASHINGTON, D.C.– The U.S. Department of State issued a new Travel Warning to Eritrea on Tuesday, recommending U.S. citizens to defer all travel the African country.

U.S. citizens are strongly advised to avoid travel near the Eritrean-Ethiopian border and to the Southern Red Sea region, including the port of Assab.

Eritrean government has restricted travel outside the capital city of Asmara, requiring all visitors and residents, including foreign nationals and resident diplomats, to apply 10 days in advance for permission to travel outside the capital’s city limits.

There have been an increased number of U.S. citizens and Eritrean-U.S. dual citizens arrested without clear justification with heightened tensions along Eritrea's borders with Ethiopia and Djibouti, but as a result of the restrictions, the U.S. Embassy cannot provide emergency consular assistance outside of Asmara.

There is a large number of Eritrean and Ethiopian troops along the Eritrean-Ethiopian border, and acute political tensions between the two countries.

Detainees may be held for extended periods without receiving any information regarding their incarceration. Conditions are harsh – those incarcerated may be held in very small quarters without access to restrooms, bedding, food or clean water, and the Eritrean government does not inform embassies when foreigners are arrested or detained.

The U.S. Embassy is located at 179 Alaa Street, P.O. Box 211, Asmara; telephone (291-1) 12-00-04, available 24 hours in case of emergency; fax (291-1) 124-255 and (291-1) 127-584; web site http://asmara.usembassy.gov/.

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