"Neither the ONLF nor the AFD can Absolve Themselves from the Heinous Crime."


Neither the ONLF nor the AFD
can Absolve Themselves from the Heinous Crime.

Union of Tigreans in North America (UTNA)
May 15, 2007

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The Ethiopian people have squarely denounced the recent naked and cowardly massacre of Ethiopian and Chinese nationals as inhuman and nefarious act. The unanimous and concerted anger of the people, at the dastardly measure taken by the ONLF, has sent shivers into the ranks of the Diaspora congregation of hate and diatribe.

So much so, even those who could not fathom their routine procrastination of hide and seek politicking, could not pretend to slumber at this juncture.

Instead they have unabashedly come out with face-saving rhetoric of equating and balancing scheme of incompatible analogies.

However, no amount of hypocrisy and mounds of pretence can salvage the CUD Diaspora, OLF and EPPF, and cleanse them from the crime the ONLF has perpetrated. The AFD, a quadripartite treaty of the Axis of evil personified in the flesh, soul and spirit of the ONLF, OLF, CUD-Diaspora and EPPF can not distance, and dissociate itself from the heinous crime committed by the ONLF in Ogaden.

There can not be a marriage of convenience of the Axis of evil, wherein they stand in unison when it comes to the declaration of intent; but fall apart in the execution of their plan, i.e the indiscriminate massacre of innocent civilians in the oil prospecting field.

What is more, the AFD which was established with the blessing and direct diagnosis of the Shaebia regime, had played its act of wanton destruction and destabilization, serving as a mercenary in Somalia and an agent of havoc, within Ethiopia on several fronts as demonstrated in the sabotage and provocative schemes in many parts of Ethiopia through its “agent provocateur” the OLF and the ONLF. Where can we unravel the so-called “peaceable stance” of the AFD when all its constituent parts are immersed in violence, chaos and terrorism?

The boisterous and vociferous Diaspora elements and their cohorts have started a mirage and flood of misguided disinformation claiming that, some quarters have opted for selective denunciation while remaining zipped on some counts of killings by the EPRDF. They point to the sad post-election death of anti-government demonstrators in this regard.

The post-election street violence which was abated and engineered by CUD leadership and its extreme wing of Diaspora fanatics, was cunningly tailored to use innocent youth as canon fodder for the power mongering, and authority thirsty quarters, who were aspiring to be the novice monarchs and dictators true to their idols; the defunct imperial and military regimes.

Viewed in retrospect one finds it ironic to observe the Diaspora extremists gagged when the sinister hostage taking and kidnapping of innocent Ethiopians in Afar, by Shaebia and the recent Ogaden tragedy was mercilessly and ruthlessly launched by the ONLF. In all honesty and fairness, what could dissuade the so-called Advocates of Justice to keep zapped, when Justice itself was trampled upon? Is this not a glaring epitaph of travesty and poverty of decency blindfolded by sheer power mongering?

It is equally pertinent at this juncture, to reminisce the bravado and adventurism propounded and propagated by none-other than Engineer Hailu Shawel, who unashamedly bragged about making the Ethiopian youth, as the sacrificial lamb, for CUD to traverse to the apex of state power, by announcing that CUD can dispense with and forefeit about 15 thousand innocent youth to be victims for its power-hungry elites to gallop in the wide fields of power and to condemn Ethiopia to remain under the yoke of tyranny imposed by CUD.

It is appropriate to state at this juncture that, the Union of Tigreans in North America (U.T.N.A) had in the aftermath of the sad episode on the morrow of 2005 election, expressed its deep regrets, by mourning the unfortunate death of the demonstrators and sent its sympathy and condolence to the grieving families of the deceased and indeed, to the bereaved Ethiopian people.

This mishap, does not however give a blank check to the notorious Diaspora and CUD elements, for self-righteousness and point their fingers, by hailing and lauding the unwarranted and cold blooded mass killings in the Ogaden oil fields by the ONLF.

It is interesting to note that the extreme CUD-Diaspora and its riff-raff, have opted for baptism in the eyes of history and Ethiopian people, by drawing an apologetic and self-serving logic of equating the CUD propelled killings of the post-election period and the recent Ogaden ordeal.

In essence, the two tragedies were mounted by the CUD and ONLF. The Ogaden scenario was executed and master-minded by the ONLF, cum, AFD, while the phenomenon of the aftermath of the election was pushed to the brink, by the CUD for the realization of its evil design of ascending to the reins of power, through illegal and un constitution means. In both cases innocent Ethiopians were made victims for the attainment of the insatiable urge for power by CUD, and the ONLF, aka AFD.

Both scenarios deservedly beg for sympathy from all concerned citizens. The Ogaden incident calls for the denunciation of the ONLF, in to-to, while that of the victims of street violence, rightly demands the vehement condemnation of CUD for using the youth for its subversive and sinister ulterior motive. While at the same time the EPRDF and the Ethiopian government should regret, which they did officially and publicly for the unfortunate killing of innocent citizens, who inadvertently were afflicted by falling prey to the inhuman design of CUD, which prompted them to serve as mine-sweepers and foot soldiers for the would be powers.

May we hasten to add that all attempts at putting the blame on the concurrent policy of nations and nationalities, which has devolved real power to the genuine actors in the respective regions, up to and including at the grass root level, as the pinnacle inviting all problems in Ethiopia is window dressing and nothing but conciliatory quackery. Least of all, the recent Ogaden orgy can not by any stretch of imagination, be invoked as a culprit for triggering the incident as an expression of national question. The Somalia people of Ethiopia attest to the fact that, there is no room for violence as a conduit to access power.

Suffice it to state that those who undertook the recent Ogaden massacre, the ONLF thugs have been roundly and soundly castigated by the people of the self -governing region of the Somali state.

Hence, a resounding and reverberating corroboration of the debacle of the so-called liberation fronts who have opted for unconstitutional path to seize power in present day Ethiopia. No armed struggle devoid of popular support and bereft of constitutional, peaceful and legal subscription can carry the day, for it is poised to be in flat contradiction to the prevailing dictum of democracy and respect of law, that is the order of the day in contemporary Ethiopia.

May 13, 2007

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