"A Statement of Condemnation of the Ogaden Massacre By “ONLF”"


Union of Tigreans in North America (UTNA)

A Statement of Condemnation of the Ogaden Massacre By “ONLF”

May 01 2007

It is saddening and paining to note that we have received the Shocking news of the mass killings of innocent Ethiopian and Chinese Civilian workers with deep sorrow, anguish and anger.

We abhor the indiscriminate and dastardly acts of murder perpetrated by the thugs of the self-appointed Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) which is in the pay-roll of the terrorist regime of Eritrea.

We are cognizant of the fact that the callous measure undertaken has that killed scores of Ethiopian and Chinese citizens, is aimed at frustrating the all-round development peace and democracy drive that is currently in full gear in Ethiopia.

This barbaric and cowardly act of murder cannot derail the decidedly determined progress of the Ethiopian people to extricate themselves from the grinding poverty, and harrowing backwardness that obtains in Ethiopia today.

The ONLF’ s cold-blooded act of vandalism is part and parcel of the campaign waged on our country by the evil forces of terrorism with the express objective of derailing the forward progress unleashed in Ethiopia. This diabolical act of terrorism committed by the ONLF thugs and gangs on Ethiopian and Chinese nationals is deplorable as it targets civilians and an environment of resource mobilization for economic benefits of the people and does not at all merit any political significance. It is a measure carried out by mercenaries and prophets of doom and destruction mentored by the mad dogs in Eritrea.

We have come to witness that individuals and groups masquerading under the guise of advocacy for democracy have been clamoring and echoing the inhuman and cruel measure of the ONLF as pious and an act of Bravado. The hard- core, bellicose and vocal representatives of the Diaspora and some Ethiopian websites, hailed and lauded the terrorist measure and called for another mission of destruction to sabotage the economy of the country. The likes of the vociferous elements make their bread and butter by the degrading job of tarnishing the image of Ethiopia and executing all devilish tasks of the Shaebia regime, entrusted on them as sheer mercenaries and messengers of havoc and mayhem.

We are aware that the indiscriminate mass killing of the 74 Ethiopian and Chinese nationals has evoked condemnation, denunciation and anger from Ethiopia-friendly quarters in the Diaspora. It is instructional to observe that the so-called and self-anointed “Diaspora CUD” has chosen the conspiracy of silence in the wake of such atrocity of wider Horizon and dimension. Needless to say, this is the all too obvious condoning of the cowardly and terrorist act and another indelible confirmation of CUD’ s undisguised connivance with the forces inimical to the just cause and desire of the Ethiopian people. What is emblematic at this juncture is the indisputable stance of the so-called AFD, CUD Diaspora, OLF, ONLF and EPPF, which have formed the unholy alliance against the Ethiopian people’s progress towards peace, development and democracy.

We thus unequivocally denounce those individuals and groups, who have condoned the dastardly act of brutalism, terrorism and barbarism in no uncertain terms. We also call upon the Ethiopian people and government to heighten their resolve and vigilance to combat and frustrate all and sundry attempts at sabotaging the on ward March of our country.

  • We call upon the government of Ethiopia to revisit and re-examine its policy towards Eritrea and take resolute stand commensurable with the acts of doom and destruction orchestrated by the regime in Asmara.

  • We appeal to the international media to report the events in Ethiopia, in the light of the anti-terrorist struggle Ethiopia is waging as a member of the international anti-terrorism coalition.

  • We call upon the British and US governments to cease harboring and sheltering terrorists disguised as representatives of the ONLF and advocates of media, such as the notorious, Ethiopian websites which have been bragging about their inhuman and terrorist deeds from London and Washington DC, which is a slap on the face to the UK and the US both victims of repeated terrorist attacks and champions and pioneers in the struggle against terrorism, the world over.

  • At last we would like to convey our condolence and sympathy to the families and relatives of the victims.

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