Statement of Condemnation of the Dastardly Act of Carnage by Al-shabab in Kampala, Uganda

July 16 2010

It is with utter disbelief and shock that we have learnt of the tragic and untimely death of the Seventy six peaceful and innocent civilian Ethiopians and other nationals in the disgusting act of carnage over the weekend in Kampala, Uganda, while watching the World soccer final tournament.

We would like to seize upon this trying period to express our sorrow and deep regrets for, and demonstrate our solidarity with, the deceased, by extending our prayers for the consolation and strength for the bereaved families and friends of the victims of the saddening dastardly act of cowardice perpetrated by the heinous Al-shabab group and its wicked mentors far and near.

We call upon all forces of peace and democracy to forge their unity and deal an unconditional death blow to these forces of evil in a concerted manner.