Utopia in Ethiopia and Axum Monument

By Gezaee Hailemichael

Sept. 07 2008

In essence, there is something which transcends my understanding that is welling up in me. It is this welling up from within my inmost that arouses me to write up what I think, feel and what I wish to act onto. To what is within me, there is something external that stimulates the arcane within me. I was reading a Geez Ethiopian literature on Sunday afternoon with a keen interest to learn Geez, but I failed to understand some of the words, then I put down my reading. Thereafter I started reading the story of Kudus Yared’s two trip to Constantipole in the 6th century AD , and his would be death at the Tana church. After reading that Yared did not give up his studies after watching the little worm falling many times from the tree which finally climbed on top of the tree and feasted on what the little worm had craved and battled to get on, I decided to go on with my Geez self-tutoring, and in the midst the idea of democracy slipped into my mind. Then many questions rose in my mind. The present Ethiopia is a remain of the greater Ethiopia. The name Ethiopia includes the whole Africa and even beyond the African continent. The Azanians in South Africa believe that African renaissance can be realized if and only we can realize Ethiopian Renaissance since they believe the African root is preserved in Ethiopia although they have not known that Ethiopian themselves actively engaged in destroying it. As we all know Ethiopia has been chopped by the French, Italian and British and even before that by the Ottoman.

In the world we live today, westerners preach democracy, human right,... and many other things. Nonetheless I see still my continent is in the bondage of colonialism. Democracy according to the Greek root word means a social, political, economic system wherein members of societies live with equality or in a classless society. However, when I try to see the United state on that standard, it appeared to me, USA is not democrat according to the standard. The differences between have and have not’s is not comparable to other countries. The United states is the most unequal society on the planet. Besides that, I tried to see the way they operate in the whole world, not only the United states, but the whole western world.

I have come to realize that my continent in general, my country in particular is still under-colonization. There is no much change from before. The only change we have now is that they have changed their tactics. The French still occupies our land Djoubti ; they are there telling us Djoubti which is part of our country as a country of 500,000 people. To suit them they can even make a country of one family. As long as it serves their interest, it does not matter whether it makes sense or not.

Eritrea, many countries were involved in fuelling war between the same people of Bahri Negash and their current Ethiopians. The whole Arab world was involved in this conflict of ourselves. Why? Just to destroy Ethiopia for the sake of their interest.

Somalia, Somalia has been in tatters for 16 years before the Ethiopians moved in. The Arabs never helped Somalians. The west did not help Somalians. Why? Who cares about Somalians? Whether it is the Arab, or the west, all are after their interest. All their human rights or democracies have nothing to do with humanity , it is all about interest and business as usual. The fact that nothing has been done so far for Somalians is a clear evidence that neither Arabs care about their Muslim brothers nor the west care about humanity. If that was not the case, we would not have the scenario we have so far.

The West and the Arab world portray that Ethiopians and Somalians are perennial enemies as to fuel the conflict between the two people. In truth, these people are the same people and have lived together before colonialism. It is the colonialists who divided Ethiopia into present Somalia, Eritrea, Djoubti, Sudan,....

The name Mogadisho itself is a prima facie evidence, Mogadish is from a Geez root word Muqudas. There are many other social facts which proves all that all these people share common culture, norm,.... For instance, injera ,the Ethiopian staple food is also injera in Somalia, Djoubti, Sudan.

The theory that Ethiopians and Somalians are perennial enemies is designed to suit those who benefit from it; it is not for the benefit of Ethiopian and Somalian. And this has been the main business of human right organizations and Journalists of the west who love fuelling conflict among our people. It is true there was war, but that war was itself designed by the United State and Russia. It was a war of the United State and Russia during the cold war. It was not both people’s war. And they have achieved their objectives by making us fight among each other in the name of the borders which they themselves created.

I have even heard human right organizations which claim Eritreans are different race so that they can sustain their industry of hate, conflict since they are in business like other business like Coca Cola. I have heard ignorant and arrogant western journalists telling us Axum and Lalibela, Fasiledes were not built by black people. For instance, one of the most vicious and anti Ethiopian journalist, Tony, a South African, Cape Times editor who always write Ethiopia-phobia claims it is white people who build, Axum, Lalibela , Fasiledes and who wrote it without any shame on Cape Times and teaching his barbaric and racist subjects. By the way, Tony has every access to Ethiopia, he always go to Ethiopia and he always come with a story of Ethiopia-phobia. If there was government in Ethiopia such vicious creatures must not have been given visa. But in Ethiopia there is no control and anyone who has money go on in since the current government loves to chase money even from a devil.

Was it wise for Ethiopia to go into Somalia? According to me, it was wrong. This has not benefitted Ethiopia. This has benefitted Ethiopia’s covert and overt enemies. According to me, our soldiers must have gone to Asmara then all could have been done perfectly. Thereafter, Ethiopia could have done all things which benefit the people of the horn to live in peace and prosper. We could have even returned our Bahri Negashian who have been living in refugee camps in Sudan for half a century. What can a Bahri Negashian who has lived his full life in refugee camp in Sudan do with name Eritrea ? what is in a name Eritrea? What are my people going to do with an Italian name? They cannot cook it and eat it? It is not clothe, they cannot wear it. It is not food, they cannot eat it. It is not water ,they cannot drink it. It is rather a name thorn which is tearing my people apart and making my people weep the whole of their lives. It is a name given by the evil colonialists which consuming the lives of my people.

How can we realize Ethiopian renaissance? Get out of Somalia, go to Asmara, do not kill a single life if possible even if Issayas Afeworki. Take over the power and give to the people and imbue them with their roots and let them rule themselves. Set free Issayas Afeworki and let him live in peace. There is only one way to stop an endless conflict, when truth prevail on evil. Let the truth of our whoness prevail on the evil of colonialism.

Thereafter the same can be done in Somalia; otherwise, what is really going on now just putting fuel on fire. Can Meles do these? Can all these be realized with Meles? No. Meles has a complete set of conflict stirring philosophy. He cannot think of doing what people wanted to be done. All what he wanted to do is just the things he drafted 32 years ago. Nothing can be added or subtracted from his so called never changing principle.

Is the west serious about democracy? It is a joke or another form of colonialism; if it is true, the French must leave from Djoubti and Djoubti must be annexed to its motherland. And the French and American soldiers must leave from Djoubti and then we know how to handle the rest. They must set us free. It is them who has put Ethiopia in this situation. Ethiopians are asking for compensation, but I differ, let them forget compensation, and let them leave Djoubti and stop interference in Ethiopia whether in putting on throne or dethroning leaders in Ethiopia.

In this way, Ethiopian renaissance can be realized, and then our people all over in the horn in particular and all over Africa in general can live in peace. Then Ethiopia can play its classical role to uplift Africa to the highest level. In this fashion we may realize an Ethiopian Utopia.

Let the most magnificent and ewe-inspiring Axum artefact ignite our zeal to get to our roots and to do things beyond our imagination. Look the Axum monument, our ancestors had neither mobile crane nor floating crane nor tower crane nor ground rigging dozer crane.

They did not have any of the Technologies we have in our days. May be they had them but they had them in a very crude way or may be they had in them in away we still we do not know. One thing is evident here, the power of men and women is not in their skin color, race, ethnic or idol. The power women and men to do things beyond ones imagination is in the mind and in their faith. In the bible it is written, if one has a small of faith, as small as a castor seed, one can have the power to move the mountains. This is really what our ancestors have done. It is their mind which enabled them to do this phenomenal work.

For those of you who claim English is the key for civilization, learn from your backyard, it is not someone’s symbol which helps you to civilize, it is your own symbol and tools which helps you to prosper. One can only does things as much as one can by ones own hand, not by borrowing someone’s hand. Our ancestors had neither been to Oxford nor to Priceston nor to Stanford nor MIT. Of course, they had been all over the world because they even built the first ships to cross the seas. They never knew English. For those of you who are being held hostage by English, you need to free yourself from slavery now in remembrance of your ancestors roots.

I also would like to mention here, the Axum monument is not only for the present Ethiopians. It belongs to all Africans in the continent. There is no anything written on it which says it is made by certain ethnic only. It is an all Africans pride. All Africans must use this as a source of inspiration and unity. African must not allow other people dominate them or their culture, norms.

We Africans must not let down our culture, wisdom; we must hold them fast ; we must put our culture on the crown of our head and wear our culture like garland around our neck it will serve us for the rest of our lives and help us to remain human. We must stop exchanging our culture for material. We will only end up slaves forever. Language, culture are the tools other people use to hold-down other people. One society cannot manipulate another society without manipulating the other societies culture and languages. That is why colonialists subjected their slaves to learn their languages so that they can ride on them forever psychologically. If one society is colonized by its culture, the master can be anywhere, and the master will have control over that society.