"Peace or War? Views on the Ethio-Eritrean Conflict"

Dr. Yohannes Kiros
April 10 2010

Lekatit 11 celebration in Denver Colorado A book “Peace or War? Views on the Ethio-Eritrean Conflict” authored by Dr. Yohannes Kiros was released on march 28, 2010 at Atse Yohannes Hotel, Mekelle (Tigary) Ethiopia. During the ceremony, invited dignitaries and distinguished guests such as Dr. Solomon Inquai, Dr. Gebreab Barnabas, Ambassador Tewolde Gebru, relatives and friends were present to officially launch the book. It was a memorable and appreciable event to recollect the tumultuous path and the arduous task in which the Ethio-Eritrean conflict went through. The book deals with the conflict period in compiled articles written by the author, and converges into the present impasse of a stubborn and injudicious junta that is troubling not only the Horn of African countries but also violating the elementary rights of the Eritrean people. The consequence of the policies of the shaibya regime living in its own “law of the jungle” has resulted in isolation, mass migration, and a downward spiral into an economic meltdown.

Furthermore, accounts regarding the Ethiopian situation of the various development undertakings, along with the political directions and experiences of the last election 2005, are highlighted in view of the historical/familiar facts. Moreover, a few vociferous and diehard elements haranguing and running amok with their hate politics in some cities of the West and who instead of positive engagements try to disparage the developments of Ethiopia are given due notice. NGOs, journalists, as well as the so-called human right organizations that have tried to belittle the country or meddle in the country’s affairs have also been dealt with in an attempt to dispel their politically motivated agenda. The income from the sale of the book is to be used for the support of local communities/organizations.

The book will be available soon in many countries.

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