Whdet Education system

By Gezaee Hailemichael

April 29 2008

As I have aforementioned at the introductory part of my whdet ideology, our people do blame nature, or blame each other for the root cause of the Ethiopian poverty. I have read many articles about lame blames. From my level of understanding, the root cause of our problem is neither due to natureís imbalance nor due to absence of rain nor due to the absence of water nor due to certain group of people. There is one thing which I believe is the root cause of our poverty. Before we have realized it, we have been held of hostage by a foreign language which has nothing to with our history or our culture, but our people are forced to use it while it is a language never known and never used in our daily lives. Many slaves have got their freedom by now, the only people who are under the yoke of systematic slavery are Ethiopians.

We are the people who claim to be not colonized in the history of human kind. It is true we were not occupied physically by colonizers. It is true Ethiopia is the only nation in the world which challenged the colonizers. It is the only country which had repulsed its aggressors with great impunity, not only once but many times. Nonetheless, Ethiopia has been trapped into a sophisticated colonial trap in a subtle way. Its subjects without realizing it, they have been psychologically colonized. When its subjects were oriented and convinced to introduce a foreign language as their education media and when they believed that civilization can be imported from outside, it was then that Ethiopia was sidetracked from its own historic path.

As a result, the education system we have does not actually empower us to be independent and innovative. The education system we have actually decapitates us or disables our ability. For that reason, askula educated Ethiopians are not productive. They are parasites of either their people or slaves somewhere else. When one is educated, one is trained to have skills and to be creative. One is educated to be analytic and discerning of new ideas and nurtured to do abstraction and actualization of ideas which means one is trained to transform abstract ideas into concrete objects. This is actually what other educated people do in most of the developed countries. They are thought to change ideas to object realities. However, we Ethiopians have colonial concept of civilization. We believe we can civilize only if we study in English and import books from outside and we do not even translate them. Since we have not even able to translate the books we import into the language we understand, we have not able to understand, contextualize the content of the books we import. This is where we lost our track. We abandoned our indigenous knowledge and we side-tracked our selves to a road which has no beginning and ending. That is why there are no Ethiopian engineers who can do any reversing engineering, leave alone who can engineer new objects. This is the reason we leave our countries for better opportunity somewhere else. We do not know and see the opportunities at home due to the fact we are not educated to be innovative. We are trained to learn English and our wishes are to leave the country where we can secure job. We are not thought to create jobs and opportunities. One can see now how many Ethiopian professors are outside Ethiopia? They are plenty, but Ethiopia is importing expatriates and paying 10 times of the local salaries. This has been the case since I knew myself in Ethiopia. Ethiopia have been importing teachers and lecturers from outside. Even if Ethiopians stay at home, still not effective because they lack still the capacity to apply what they have learnt in class. Ethiopian farmers are more productive than Ethiopian PHDS. As I said earlier, Ethiopians PHDS are parasites, selfish, ignorant and arrogant who lobby against their country while they live somewhere in comfort. They can never think to help their people except to lobby to obstruct any help the Ethiopians gets. When I say this I am not generalizing, there are few who still do their parts to help their country. But most of them are either parasites or cancer of peace. There are Ethiopian farmers who have never seen asquala education system ( yeseytan timhrt ) who make guns and ammunitions. I knew from my childhood, one of my motherís farming partner used to make gun powder using potassium nitrates. I did learn chemistry from him long before I went to school, I knew sulphur, Potassium, Sodium, graphite before I want to school. There are Ethiopians farmers who smelt iron, copper and produce products. Actually it is those indigenously skilled Ethiopians who are sustaining Ethiopian tradition, wisdom. But their children can no more learn from their fathers, they are sent to the useless schools to waste their lives. They are being robed their inheritance and they will neither learn anything from the school they attend nor will they inherit the skill from their father.

The Ethiopian government has done nothing to realize the root problem of the country. The government is only busy building many Universities to produce the same type of people and importing lecturers from outside and even importing more books from USA written by Americans for Ethiopians, funny enough, I have no problem with Americans, but how can Americans know the needs of Ethiopians?

It does not matter how many Universities we can have, there is no point having many universities if the product is the same. It is like having one factory which processes and finishes the same product. This is the main reason Whdet ideology will have to change the education system to local knowledge. How many Ethiopians speak English? I would say almost none, why is then English a domestic education system? Which Ethiopian farmers speak English? What Technology does Ethiopia manufacture or reverse engineer? I dare say none. Why? Reason, Ethiopia has a defunct education system. When we translate the Technology into our local language, first we will be understanding the technical and theoretical knowledge. Secondly, we are making the technology accessible to the 80 million people. But we import books written in America and Europe, but we cannot translate them into our local language, the content of the books is not accessible to any Ethiopian. We just waste our lives studying English for nothing.

When I was in grade 4, I was thought that all languages are equal. A language can develop, die. No language is better than the other. I have heard many Ethiopians who claim that English is the key for civilization, but that is exactly what I said earlier, we are very colonized before we have realized it. Long ago, in biblical times, the Jewish rejected their language in favor of Hellenic language. The Hellenic language was developed in art, science, geometry and calculus whereas the Hebrew was not. Then the Jews became slaves and dependent on the Hellenic people and they were reduced to slavery because they did undermine themselves. The same with Britons and Romans, they thought Hellenic language and Latin were better than their languages, and their focus was to learn Hellenic language and to do things in Hellenic languages. It was later the Britons realized their English could give the same service as the Hellenic language and now we see like the Jews who became hostage of Hellenic language in the biblical time because of their ignorance, we have been held ourselves hostage of English language.

One can see very easily how Ethiopians standardize themselves, if one speaks English, one is being considered educated and even espoused to be a politician. According to the Ethiopian mentality to be educated is to speak English and to have PHDS. Let us go back to hour history, when Ethiopia was at its best long ago in history, they never knew the existence of English or oxford University. Queen Sheba never went to Oxford University. She did not have PHD or Master degree or Bsc. All the great Ethiopian kings in historical tandem never had PHDS. The people who erected Axum monument did not have PHDS. Which Ethiopian PHD or engineer can do that now?

Lalibela after 20 years in exile in Israel, he came back home, and he built what we see today the wonder of the world. Legend says he built it all alone with the help of God, he did not have PHD or did not study in English? Which Ethiopian PHD or Prof. or engineer can do that now? This is the tip of the ice berg, in Ethiopia there are many such objective realities which disqualifies PHDS of today.

By rejecting our language, we have rejected our indigenous Technology and wisdom. For instance Ethiopia has many wonderful biological natural medicines and medical technologies. In the west or first world, in order to get relieve of parasite from ones body, one has to take many medicine which has dangerous side effects. In Ethiopia, we have natural medicine, parasites are being hunted down from our body by our friendly parasites. I had amoeba giardiasis which is a type of amoebic parasite that we get in Ethiopia from unclean water. I have had this parasite . I thought first I could get rid of it from my body using tablets due to the fact I was proud not to use traditional method. I took many medicines to do that. The doctors in Ethiopia actually thought it can be get ridden off from my body using tablets. But instead I developed a side effect sickness of gastric because of the medicine I was taking. Then because of gastric, I could not eat hot food, and because of amoeba I could not eat alkaline food. As a result instead of eliminating my giardiasis, I got another sickness. I was almost dying. After I went out of Ethiopia, I did work as medical technologist and found out from my doctor friend that there was no actually any medicine which can get rid of giardiasis due to the fact that giardiasis stay dormant in my body in its hardcore cyst for the rest of my life. Then I decided to go back to my tradition and went to a butcher and I did ask if he can give me a raw meat with Kosso in it, and he gave me and ate the raw meat with kosso, I think Kosso is Ascaris in English. Then the Kosso I ate hunted down the giardiasis in two and three days from my body forever. Then I killed the Kosso in my body by tablet. Then I freed myself forever from parasite for the rest of my life without having incurred side effect.

Secondly, I had malaria and did suffer, took all sort of tablets. Malaria cyst can never be eliminated from a malaria patient. There is no medicine to do that job yet. But one Ethiopian woman came to my rescue. She told me she has a medicine which gets of malaria forever from my body. She fed me the medicine for two weeks, special food without any tablets. My malarias was eliminated from my body for the rest of my life. We do not recognize such beautiful technologies we have. We do not even know them, leave alone to incorporate them into our education system. We are geared only to import from outside. By neglecting our identity, we throw away such great heritage technology. It is not only these, Ethiopia has many indigenous Technologies, but either we do not know their existence or we do not recognize them at all because we are obsessed only with English books. So we have been losing everything this way. We need to use our own local tools when it is possible. We can borrow tools from outside only we do not have the tools.

Whdet will have a radical guide lines on the language development and change of education system. I believe the root cause of our poverty is our useless education system. It is not natureís imbalance or lack of rain or lack of water. This is from my own experiences and from my expatriates friends who ask me why Ethiopians waste their lives to study English when they have their own language.

There is no hot and dry country as Israel, but Israel has been a fruit basket of for long time. Israelites are able to apply their mind and to use technology. They have no 44 rivers like Ethiopia. They have adapted technologies to circumvent their water stress. The same is their education system. Universities in Israel teach in Hebrew, not English, Israelís education system is now the best education system. They do not to have to use English to civilize.

The same is in the case of South Africa, South Africa is a desert compared to Ethiopia, but South African white farmers do farming the whole year without rain or river. They do not have the rivers we have, but they do farming through the year. They harvest rain during the rainy seasons. No rain is wasted when it rains. It is harvested in a big water sheds and used through out the year in drip irrigation system. The same does Israel. No rain water is wasted in Israel during rain season. Even the water run off from the road is harvested along the road and used for farming and tree planting purpose.

Bu in our case, we have 44 rivers, but we use none of them. We do not think at all. Leave alone to harvest rain water, we could not even divert one of the rivers. We are obsessed with begging every year for handout . Our people waste their lives talking about each otherís hate stories. They do not have time to think and work. As they say people with little mind talks about people, whereas people with great mind talks about great ideas. I do not see any Ethiopian talking about ideas. I do not see any internet forum about how to work and solve problems in the country. It is all the time about struggle for power and ethnic rivals.

Whdet has to change the course of Ethiopia by changing the education system and the poor mindset of Ethiopian in general. The Education system is the platform of everything else.

To justify my ideology, let me give you a debrief on the history of science and Technology. Even by the virtue of western writers, Africa is the cradle of civilization. Science and Technology started in Africa based on the most recent scientific findings and based on biblical stories. Ethiopia and Egypt are the epicenter of that. Calculus, geometry and conscience philosophy has been developed in Africa before anywhere else. Technology and science only got out of Africa after the Hellenics conquered Egypt, and Ethiopia. Then the Hellenics copied Egyptian and Ethiopian manuscripts and mulled over them and developed them further. The Basis of Pythagorean school of quadrature which we call now calculus and the Pythagorean school of philosophy was not out of the blue, the premises were documents taken from Egypt and Ethiopia. And that must be the reason the Hellenics had great appreciation for Ethiopians and even considered Ethiopians mythic and people who have favor from God and feared them and honored them. Why? The Hellenics had established strong relation with Ethiopia before the peak of their civilization. Based on those premises, the Hellenics translated the Ethiopian and Egyptian manuscripts into their language. They developed Astronomy further, mathematics, chemistry, art, philosophy. Most of the things which we use today are those translations and developments of science and Technology. Many people say Calculus and integral were discovered by Issac Newton from England and Gotried Leibniz from Germany. But the truth is Newton and Leibniz did discover nothing new about Calculus and integral. These were long invented and developed in Africa and developed and used in Greece during the 5th, 4th, 3rd century BC. For instance Archimedes had books on integrals and used integrals and calculus to calculate areas . This was 4th Century BC, long ago. All the Trigonometry we use today has been developed long. They also say optics was discovered by Issac Newtons, but the truth is much of optics have been used long ago and developed in Greece, even the most cutting edge Technology we have today, Quantum dot, has been developed long ago in the BCs. Archimedes used lasers which we call today laser a new technology. It has been developed long ago by Archemedes. Archemedes tried to burn the Roman invaders by laser while they were sailing on the sea advancing to invade his country. He developed most of the mechanical machines we use today in physics and engineering. Archimedes never went to Preston University, or MIT or OXFORD University. He never knew English. He did not have to. Needless to study English to civilize.

Then the Romans invaded the Hellenics, looted everything they found, science and Technology manuscripts, arts and translated them into their language after failed to use Hellenic language. This was 2nd and 1st century BC. Then the Romans mulled over the material they looted and did learn and developed them and used them. Then the Romans invaded all the Roman Empire, including Britian. The British were savage at that time. They did not know anything, they did not even have clothes to wear. They were enslaved by the Romans. But they did learn from their slave masters science and technology. The Jews were also Technology transfer birds due to the fact they were scattered in exile and were moving from one county to another, they transfer technology in between European countries.

In a similar fashion, the Arabs invaded Egypt and Ethiopia and copied our Technologies and did learn and developed them further and Arabs contributed their share by diversifying and developing the African Technology between the 7th and 10th century AD. This is how science and Technology got out of Africa. There is no any magic wand about English. English is a language like the rest of languages. There is no any Technology which is English, it is all transferred and reversed engineered. Copernicusís work on astronomy was based on the Hellenic premises which was in turn premised on African Science genesis.

Europeans did not create anything out of the blue, they just copied like their predecessors and mulled over them and developed them and now they are using them. Africa is the mother of science and technology. Europeans only started smelting metals on the 10 century AD. African started using irons tools long before AD calendar. Real scientific thinking only started in Europe in the 16 century which is very recent. Europeans were poor and dying of hunger until the second world war and they were also fighting based on ethnics like we do. They are human like us. Their languages is a language like ours, nothing extraordinary.

I am writing all these to justify my ideology that Amharic is not less than English. It can be developed to any scientific level.

Whdet ideology to be continued.