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Qeshi Gebru's TPLF Mulu Gebreigziabiher (Qeshi Gebru - Tigrai Online
Qeshi Gebru was a dedicated and fearless fighter who paid her precious life for the establishment of a free, just and democratic Ethiopia; she went as far as aborting her own child to ensure that the organisation she was part of succeeded in its mission to liberate the mother land from a merciless dictator. Qeshi Gebru stared the enemy in the eye and made her stand abundantly clear without a tinge of fear Read More
By Berhane Kahsay

The ‘depth’ of President Isaias’ leadership President for life of Eritrea - Tigrai Online
The Eritrean regime is silent on many issues these days, but Eri-TV’s programmes suggest that the spin-doctors of the regime in Asmara are still busy trying to sell their long-held idea that the rest of the world and especially the US and the CIA are continuing to hatch plots targeting President Isaias, aiming to deny Eritrea the work of its ‘visionary’ and ‘prophetic’ leader. Read More

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April 30, 2012

Ethiopian runners win in Hamburg and Dusseldorf marathon

April 29, 2012

The British multinational grocery and retailer, Tesco may enter the Ethiopian market
Ethiopian Airlines Sponsors South African Tour Group
Four Ethiopians and one Pakistani killed by gunmen in Gambella: official

April 28, 2012

Somali refugees in Ethiopia’s Dollo Ado exceed 150,000
Eritrean president still alive but where was he for the past month

April 27, 2012

Traveller's Guide: Ethiopia
Ethiopian Takes Delivery of the Second 737-800 Sky Interior Aircraft
The most repressive nation on Earth is Eritrea

April 26, 2012

African textile & garment sector attracts investment
Where is Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki?
A British double-decker bus becomes a student cafe in Ethiopia
Ethiopia Licenses 64 Billion Birr Worth Investment Projects in 9 Months

April 25, 2012

Ethiopian Pilots Complete Training for 787 Dreamliner
A Film Depicting Post-famine Ethiopia Screened in DC.

April 24, 2012

Tahounia – A young Ethiopian Model doing brilliantly in London
Holland car an Ethiopian car assmpling company to open a branch in DRC

April 23, 2012

Eritrea president ill health claim a ‘CIA fairytale’
EST- Fighting and Defeating Poverty

April 22, 2012

Over 20,000 Ethiopian government officials record their assets
General Electric (GE) is poised to tap into Ehtiopian Market
Egypt worried the grand ethiopian renaissance dam will cause water shortage

April 21, 2012

South Sudan withdraws from oil area, North Sudan celebrates

April 20, 2012

Ethiopian has one million MegaWatt Wind Energy Potential
Ethiopian to host Hub of Africa 2012 Echo Fashion Week
What can’t be cured must be endured
Ethiopian Air Force graduates 39 pilots, 201 technicians

April 19, 2012

Center for Creative Leadership Launches Ethiopian Office
US Issues Travel Warning For Eritrea and Burundi
An Extra-ordinary Session of IGAD Countries Ambassadors Forum to the US Held

April 18, 2012

South Sudan Rebels Armed by Sudan and Eritrea
Ethiopian Airline CEO tours his 787 Dreamliner ahead of delivery
Eritrean UN permanent representative Araya Desta to Address Sanctions Committee

April 17, 2012

Ethiopia PM accuses Eritrea of kidnappings
Abergale ILD, Ethiopia to Export Meat through Mekelle Airport
Ethiopian troops to soon leave Somalia, PM says
UN council mulls Sudan, S.Sudan sanctions to end clashes

April 16, 2012

Ethiopian private bank to join banking industry in South Sudan
Yemane Adhane of Ethiopia wins Rotterdam Marathon
Eritrea still refuses to release three Yemeni naval soldiers
Assosa University undertaking 260 mln Birr construction
Jim Yong Kim is the new World Bank President

April 14, 2012

Canadian businessman invests in a shoe factory in Ethiopia

April 13, 2012

Ethiopia to get first PV module a solar panel assembly plant
Al-Shabab militant leaders and foot soldiers are fleeing to hideouts in Puntland mountains

April 12, 2012

Ethiopia's GDP grows 11.4 percent in the 1st year of GTP period
Ethiopia: A “learning lab” for national mHealth strategy
Maitre Artiste World Laureate Afewerk Tekle passed away at 80
USID to Devote 60 Million to build or renovate 65 Health Centers in Ethiopia

April 11, 2012

Nevsun to 'vigorously' fight class action suits on Eritrean gold production
Ethipia to build four more new airports

April 10, 2012

Iran sanction delays Ethiopia electric export
Rahale Baraki, an Eritrean lady who tried to cross the border got shot nine times by Eritrean soldiers

April 08, 2012

In Dr Birhanu Nega there is cowardice and irrational thinking
Ethiopia to host international congress on public health
Swedish police fire shots at Eritrean regime supporters

April 07, 2012

Ethiopia and South Sudan sign security, development cooperation accord
Ethiopian and TFG forces seize more territory from Al-Shabaab

April 06, 2012

Ernst & Young to Provide Insights on Doing Business in Ethiopia
Ethiopia seals double taxation avoidance deal with four countries

April 05, 2012

Sudan Benefits from Ethiopian Dams more than Ethiopia - Sudanese Minister
Sheikh mohammed al amoudi to Invest $600 Million in Ethiopia Cooking Oil
Eritrean President Issayas Afwerki letter to the UN Security Concil

April 04, 2012

Sweden hosts mystery 'terror regime' meet-up
Why Geez matters

April 03, 2012

High Level UN Delegation Visits Tigrai State

April 02, 2012

Ethiopians abroad sent 1.74 billion dollars in seven months
Travel - Road to Ethiopia

April 01, 2012

Sudan's army accused South Sudan of backing a rebel attack

March 31, 2012

The largest Mega Millons Lottery in the World won at least by three people

March 30, 2012

PM Meles confers with Bill Gates
Abraha we Atsbiha Initiative Won a Prestigious Award
Bill Gates says Ethiopia has registered a marked improvement

March 29, 2012

Europe’s shame report reveals Eritreans perish because NATO coast guards fail to rescue them
Ethiopia has accepted bids worth 2.1 billion birr ($121 million) for seven state-owned firms

March 28, 2012

Ethiopia to host AU-mediated Sudan talks

March 27, 2012

Today’s Ethiopia: not subsumed by or subservient to the United States of America
Ethiopia export earnings rise 17 pct yr/yr in 8 months
South Sudan official says Sudan bombs oil field
Ethiopian troops captured main Al-Shabab town in central Somalia

March 26, 2012

Ethiopia’s Zenawi calls for Africa’s support for Okonjo-Iweala’s World Bank presidential bid

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The Ginbot-7 extremists will try to take advantage of people’s emotions. Remember their cry about Eritrea and the ports, the Flag, CUD leaders, Tedy Afro, Birtukan Mekdesa, and now Waldeba Monastery, it is all lies and political ploy. They don't care about those issues, their aim is to bring unnecessary blood shade. The Sugar farm Development in Western Tigrai will be build no matter what.

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