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Ethiopians in San Diego raised $43,160.00 USD for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.
Ethiopians in San Diego raised $43,160.00 USD for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam after police evicted the loud and rude extremists from the meeting hall. Organized by Ginbot 7 and ESAT TV (Eritrean Satellite TV) these Egyptian agents are determined to stop the building of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on the Nile River. Ethiopians inside and outside of Ethiopia are equally determined to see it finished and they are raising millions of dollars to build it.

Former UK Prime Minister, H.E. Gordon BrownRenowned Politicians and Leaders Pay Tribute to Meles and Remember his Legacy
Over 700, including leading UK ministers and other politicians, diplomats, representatives of the business community, and members of the Ethiopian community paid tribute to Ethiopia’s great leader at a commemorative occasion organized by the Ethiopian Embassy in London. ďno one did more to eradicate the evil of poverty than Prime Minister Meles.Ē Former UK Prime Minister, H.E. Gordon Brown

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April 30, 2013

Ethiopians in Chicago, raised over $60 thousand dollars for the Grand Renaissance Dam
Patriotic Ethiopians and Ethiopian- Americans residing in and around Greater Chicago undertook a resounding fund raising event by purchasing bonds to be channeled towards the building of the Grand Renaissance Dam/ GRD / amounting over $ 60, 000 last Saturday.

Africans endangered
We are seeing and hearing more tales involving deportation of Africans on planes amid screams and resistance. News from the Middle East concerning the predicament of over 700 black Africans, most of them of South Sudanese and Eritrean origin, facing the prospect of deportation from Israel is a rude awakening.

April 29, 2013

Mesfin Industrial Engineering P.L.C (MIE) located in Tigrai State northern EthiopiaAn Empirical Investigation on Innovative Practices of Electromechanical Manufacturing
Moreover, to strengthen the innovation practices of the electromechanical manufacturing SMEs, they need to strengthen their links with technology centers and research institutions and focus on research and development. Among other things, these strategies are likely to transform the SMEs in Mekelle City.

Ethiopian Foreign Minister Dr. Tedros Adhanom meets Ethiopian Diasporas in D.C.
Dr.Tedros Adhanom, Foreign Minister of Ethiopia held two separate meetings and conferred with members of the Ethiopian Diaspora community and Medical and Health Care Professionals in Washington D.C. While addressing members of the Ethiopian community numbering in the hundreds at the auditorium of the Chancery of the Ethiopian Embassy, the Foreign Minister remarked that so far major economic and social activities have been undertaken.

April 27, 2013

Ethiopian Boeing 787-800 Dreamliner touring AfricaEthiopian Boeing 787 Dreamliner First in the World to Resume Service
Ethiopian Airlines is pleased to announce that it will resume Boeing 787 Dreamliner service on Saturday, 27 April 2013 with a flight from Addis Ababa to Nairobi. Ethiopian Airlines CEO, Tewolde Gebremariam and Randy Tinseth, Boeing Vice President of Marketing, will be on board this flight, which will be the first commercial flight in the world since the grounding of the Dreamliners.

Ethiopiaís unshakable stand on Africa (Amharic article pdf)

What is the source of doubting PM Melesís greatness? (Amharic article pdf)

Extremists cry we donít want Abay dam, we want human rights respect. (Tigrigna article pdf)
Really! Poor and hungry people would not stand for justice and democracy because they are busy trying to find the next meal for their family.

April 26, 2013

Sibhat Nega's interview with local Ethiopian news papers
Sibhat Nega's interview with local Ethiopian news papers (Amharic)
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April 25, 2013

Ethiopian Grand Millennium DamEthiopia's gets $1.2 billion loan for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance from China
Ethiopia secured a US$1 billion (S$1.2 billion) loan from China on Friday to build transmission lines linking its capital Addis Ababa with Africa's biggest hydropower dam being built on the Nile.

Under Secretary Tara D. Sonenshine Travel to Ethiopia
Deputy Premier spearheads partnership voyage among Ethiopia-US Universities
ETHIOPIA - Democracy, Devolution of Power, & The Developmental State

April 24, 2013

Ethiopia to reap benefits from eco-friendly light rail projects
Will Egypt escape the 19th Century mindset and meet Ethiopia half-way

There is nothing we canít do when we are united and determined

Nigerian journalist Adeola speaks about injustice in Eritrea

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