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The Past 27 years were Ethiopia's Renaissance Era

By Molla Mitiku
Tigrai Online Feb. 3, 2020

The  45th founding anniversary of the  Tigray People's Liberation (TPLF) will be  colorfully marked with the highest festivity and glory in Tigray  on the 20th  of 2020  at regional level; the  landmark event which heralded a turning point for  the socio-economic and political changes in the country.  


As the result of the  sacrifices of more than 70 thousand youths , tte countrt managed  to realize its  plitical,   economic and social  changes in the entire country, which was confirmed and overlty  witnessed by by the Ethiopia people at large and the international organizations like world bank  and the International Monetary Fund.  

Above all,  nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia have been enjoying their rights of developing their culture, language and other values in addition to building their country having joined their hands. 

Despite the  betrayal of the fruits of the past 27 years in this country, what is available on the ground could be  a living witness. 

In fact, that was the result of    the fallen heroes and heroines who fought bravely for 17 consecutive years  in uprooting
 the butcher dictatorial military regime and bring the  severe repression in to an  end.  

Following  the 17 years of bitter armed struggle, TPLF with the people of Tigray and other democratic  allies  managed to overthrow the military junta in Ethiopia in 1991. 

In contradiction to the expectations of the international community at that time, Ethiopia managed to be one of the countries that registered fast economic development.  The over all political, economic and social progress as well as tge  human development in the country was really incredible. 


The various mega  projects including the Grand Ethiooian  Renaissance Dam which were expected to play significant roles in alleviating poverty. Investment boomed at large in Ethiopia in those years. Besides, there was a lot of infrastructure  development both in  urban and rural  and overall changes in the country.  Above all, the country managed to  ensure lasting peace within the country and in the horn region.Although there were various problems in  political, economic and social aspects, it cannot be an exaggeration if we describe  the past two and half decades as "The Era  of Ethiopia Renaissance". 

Nowadays, situations have altogetger altered in the country. All the fruits of the past 27 years were denied  and those who were part of the gains and losses  betrayed their ally. The economy of the country has been began deteriorating. According to World Bank's  2019  report. the country's economic rate reduced to 6 per cent from double digits registered  in those past years.  

TPLF and the people of Tigray were celebrating  the founding anniversary  before 2018 commorating  their indispensible  contribution  to Ethiopia was   being tonned even by those who betrayed   the reality today. 

The  45th founding anniversary of  TPLF differs from previous celebration as it is now   a critical time,  a time when peace is  poisoned throughout  the entire country except Tigray. It is undertaking at a time where the federal system and the constitution have challenged  by the   force emerged out of  EPRDF. The situation is now dark. If it continued this way, it will be the " The Dark Era for Ethiopia."