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The Heartbreaking Third Anniversary of the Tigray Genocidal War

By Peace and Justice for Tigreans International - PJTI
Tigrai Online 11/4/2023

the Tigrai Genocidal War

PJTI denounces the continued misleading report by the Ethiopia Human Rights Council (EHRC) about the situation of internally displaced people (IDP) in Tigray. The recent EHRC report falsely states that many of the IDPs in Tigray have returned home and have received aid. Unfortunately, millions of IDPs in Tigray remain displaced from their homes and continue to be in need of humanitarian assistance. We call for the retraction of its recent report or for an official disclaimer that states ‘this report doesn’t include assessments about the IDPs in Tigray’ to be added to the report.

It is well known to international donors and human rights organizations that the IDPs in Tigray are still suffering due to the failure of the Federal government to fulfill its mandate of returning them to their homes which are still occupied by Eritrean and Amhara forces. According to the UN October report, the estimate of IDPs in Tigray is over one million. The report indicates that the “IDPs continue to shelter in 106 schools due to lack of support to return to villages of origin or to be relocated to alternative land, causing 163,000 children to remain out of school for 3 consecutive years”.

The Peace and Justice for Tigreans International (PJTI) is very concerned by the continued efforts of the EHRC to undermine the plight of the Tigray people which started from the start of the war. It is well known that the EHRC misrepresented the Maikadra and Axum massacres in its previous reports which were found to contradict the facts on the ground and subsequent reports by international human rights organizations. While international human right organizations are working hard to bring accountability and justice for the victims of the genocidal war in Tigray, we are very sad to see the EHRC working to undermine such efforts.

PJTI will continue to work towards the promotion and protection of human rights, justice and peace. Our concern centers on the pressing human rights crisis in Ethiopia, especially in the Tigray region, and we urgently request the support of the international community to find mechanisms to return the IDPs in the Tigray region to their homes with sufficient humanitarian assistance for rehabilitation. 

With Best Regards,
Peace and Justice for Tigreans International (PJTI), USA
e-mail: PJTINT23@gmail.com


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