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SJT Press Release on the Occasion of the 47th Anniversary of Yekatit 11

SJTPress Release
Tigrai Online February 19, 2022


The People of Tigray
The Galant Fighters of the Tigray Defense Forces Diaspora Tigrayans
Friends of the People of Tigray

Dear all,

Our organization, Security and Justice for Tigray (SJT), would like to wish the people of Tigray a jubilant celebration of the 47th day of the Tigray people struggle. For the people of Tigray, Yekatit 11 is an honorable, a commemorable and victorious day.

The People of Tigray Wil Not Submit

Your enemies came to exterminate you from the face of earth and to bury your history deep in the ground, not to be uncovered forever. The extent of savagery and cruelty committed by the enemy upon us have few parallels in history. The enemies desecrated our cultural heritage and holy places; massacred our clergy; committed savagery acts against our mothers, sisters, and daughters; looted our properties—all with the goal of erasing Tigrayans from the land of our fathers and forefathers with thousands of years history. Our enemies declared a war of extermination on us.


Yet, they could not break your fighting spirit. They couldn’t bring you to submission. Instead, you summoned the fighting spirit of your fathers and forefathers and showed the enemy what it means to be a Tigrayan. It means to be upright and resolute and never to give into fear and never to submit to the enemy.

The Galant Fighters of the Tigray Defense Forces Are the Guarantors of Future Tigray

No society and its culture can survive without a generation who is willing and ready to defend it. In the past fifteen months your gallantry has shaken your enemies to the core and has shown the world what Tigrayans are made of. The old have mentored the young and men and women have marched in unison to defend our heritage, identity, and land. Fifteen months ago, many of you were teachers, doctors, engineers, civil servants, businessowners, and students. All of that changed when the enemy launched a war of extermination from all corners with support of foreign forces, foreign technology, and foreign finance with the purpose of taking away your heritage, identity, and land.


When your enemies thought you were finished and dispersed like wheat flour, you served them the famous Hambasha of Tigray for the thousands of them whom you captured in the many battle fields to drive them out of Tigray. You took their tanks, artilleries, and their ammunitions and armed yourself to the teeth. You liberated your villages, towns and cities. Mothers felt avenged and ululated to honor their gallant sons and daughters. The streets of Mekele received the heroes and their leaders with a breath of joy and certainty of the future Tigray.

Because of the victories you scored in the battle fields, you gave the world a lesson of the tradition of bravery and heroism of Tigrayans throughout your history. Because of your heroic victories, the world came to talk to you and your leaders as a force to be reckoned. Your enemies were forced to admit their defeat and begged the world to save them. While there are still sacrifices to be paid, your victories so far have secured the future of Tigray.

The Heroes Who Gave Their Lives Are the Reasons Tigray Is Free

All the victories you have won are paid by the precious lives of your brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers. They gave their lives so that Tigray’s future can be assured. When you think of Tigray, think of all of those gallant fighters who gave their lives so that our heritage, culture, and identity are preserved, and our future secure. Celebrating the 47th anniversary of Yekatit, should thus mean, celebrating the heroes of Tigray who lived throughout generations to make sure Tigray keeps its place in the world. Celebrating Yekatit 11, is also about passing the torch of freedom to each successive generation.


Tigrayans In Diaspora Are with You

Tigrayans in diaspora have no doubt that the people of Tigray will continue with its sustained and heroic struggles and great determination to maintain the causes of Yekatit 11. Because of the heroic struggle you have waged so far, the time when Tigray decides its future is at hand. Tigrayans in diaspora are doing everything within their means to be the voice of Tigray. From Europe to North America, from Middle East to Far East and Australia, Tigrayans are united for the cause to defend Tigray’s heritage, culture, identity and freedom.

Final Message

You are celebrating February 11, with a promise and goal to carry on in the struggle to achieve our goals. You are celebrating the day while your fingers are ready to pull the Trigger against the enemies while struggling to help the people of Tigray to heal from their pains and harms inflicted upon them. You are fighting heroically and paying great sacrifices to miraculously win against the enemies and to the surprise of our foes in so doing. These cruel enemies are now at the edge of their burial hole.

We understand that you are celebrating the 47th anniversary day while making the final preparations to regain fully Tigray’s territorial integrity and the rights of its people that are enshrined in the constitution. We, the Tigrayans in diaspora will continue to be on your side in your march to victory.

Tigray Will Prevail!!!


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