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Tigrai Online, September 3, 2015

Tigrgna and Amharic articles from Ethiopians throughout the world in diverse subjects will be posted here. If you like to read in Amharic or Tigringa please book mark this page.

A formal letter to honorable Ambassador Girma Birru
We the peaceful concerned diasporas Kemant ethnic Ethiopian-American are appealing to the honorable Ambassador Girma Birru to express our grave concerns. Genocide Continues against Kemant People in Ethiopia, North Gondar to Stop Constitutional Demand for Self-Rule.
Amharic Article By the Kemant community in North America

Birtukan Woleka responds to Andualem Tefera about the Qimant question
Amharic Article By Birtukan Woleka

Poem dedicated to Mola Asgedom
Tigringa poem

Messangers of Shabiya exposed by one of their own
Tigringa article by Hiruy Negassi

The new Federal system is helping all Ethiopians to accept and proud of their nationality.
Amharic article by Wegen Shimelash

Observation, analysis and suggestions to water shortage in some towns of Tigrai
Tigringa article by Hiruy Negassi

The tenth TDA congress successfully concluded in Mekelle, Tigrai state
Tigringa article by TDA

A short reintroduction to Abay Woldu President of Tigrai State,
Tigringa article by ZeSilas from Mekelle

Ethiopian development by Ethiopains
Tigringa article by Gebretsadkan Kebede

Constitutional requirements for the Qimant people the Amara State govvernment decision.
Amharic article by Tilahun Jember

Tigrai State tourism development

Tigrai State the northern part of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia is endued with tremendous historical sites and various array of cultural heritages. These historical, cultural and natural resources could bring immense hard currency and income from tourism.

So far the State government and federal authorities didn’t focus their full attention to the huge potential of tourism in the state. The tourism industry in Tigrai in particular and in the nation in general is still untapped wealth. The Ethiopian government should devote the necessary financial, man power and other resources to tourism to fully take advantage of our God given riches.

All the tangible and intangible heritages in the region are not utilized and developed in a way that they could catch the eyes of the visitors who have used to come to the nation. However, it seems there are different initiatives pursued to the effective utilization of these resources by both government and private business organizations. 

Haileselassie Beyene Tesfai

Mekele, Tigrai   

Tigrai State tourism development


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