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On Aba Mela’s u-turn and the rumpus it created

Dilwenberu Nega
London - Tigrai Onlne - March 13, 2014

In a sensational u-turn hard to fathom, Aba Mela – that maverick pal talk warrior, who crossed the aisle to join “a motley throng of discontents, malcontents and zealots” less than a year ago – announced last week that he has made up his mind to go back and fight the good fight of standing for Ethiopia’s national interest and the common good. In his amazing mea cupa (www.ethimedia.com) he blamed himself for arguing against the ongoing construction of GERD, and for banking on G7 and ESAT to provide quick fixes to see the back of EPRDF.

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When the dust falls, and falls it will, Aba Mela will have to showcase to friends and foes alike his new-found self

EPRDFites are having a field-day with Aba Mela’s decision to rejoin them, while G7 and ESAT – the two attacked scathingly by Aba Mela – as well as all those who dread witnessing the prevalence of durable peace and development in Ethiopia, have turned ballistic which explains opposition website’ decision to unleash a smear and sneer campaign against the very man whom they have been parading as a hero during their honeymoon.

For Aba Mela push came to shove following EAL co-pilot’s decision to skyjack Flight ET 702 and land at Geneva airport.  Contrary to the views of G7 and ESAT, Aba Mela views the incident apolitically. The truth of the matter, he is widely claimed to have argued with the likes of Tamagne Beyene is that even if the co-pilot’s feared persecution in Ethiopia, he had no excuse to skyjack an EAL plane, for he could have eloped easily during one of his break at one of EAL’s destinations. To instead divert the focus of opposition to EAL he argues would therefore be wrong and futile. But Megistu Hailemariam’s former cheer leader now masquerading as ‘human rights activist’ Tamgne Beyene, as well as cowboy journalist, Abebe Gelaw, would not buy Aba Mela’s cogent argument.  For them anything – even a fabricated news item – is good enough so long as it satisfies their whimsical paymaster general, Isaias Afewerki.

Whether Aba Mela’s public confession is met with a favourable influence to win over the public’s hearts and minds is something we may have to wait and see for a little bit longer, but if there’s one thing we can be cocksure of now is that neither Aba Mela’s zigzag nor his u-turn will have a favourable or unfavourable impact on how the EPRDF views the motley crew of Ethiopian discontents, malcontents and zealots abroad. This doesn’t of course mean that Aba Mela’s sensational exposure of its nemesis is not music to its ears. Any though or suggestion of EPRDF welcoming Aba Mela with open arms would be a whole load of clap trap. As Aba Mela is not an opposition politician or a member of EPRDF, his yo-yoing between different camps is the least of EPRDF’s concerns.

When the dust falls, and falls it will, Aba Mela will have to showcase to friends and foes alike his new-found self. Gone must be his penchant for giving in to knee-jerk reactions as well as the need to remain focused on issues rather than personalities. He is, of course, at liberty to criticise and oppose policies and actions pursued by the ruling party, but he must resist the temptation to give in to tricks and chicaneries by the vocal, not to say, toxic fringe of the Ethiopian diaspora.

There is no denying the fact damage to Aba Mela’s reputation as an opinion former among the diaspora is immense, but he will have to prove that he is able   to bounce back - only if he remains true to the universal belief that in the rigours of life what counts is not who is right or wrong, but rather on what is right and wrong. Opposing EPRDF for being the first to harness the Blue Nile may be acceptable, but to oppose the ongoing construction of GERD is not only wrong, but it’s an indication of one’s unsavoury state of mind.


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