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Ethiopians abducted by the Eritrean government tell what happened

Ethiopian News, Tigrai Online, March 3, 2016

So what do you feel when you listen to this people?


The Ethiopians who were abducted by Shabiya last month speak out their horrific story about how the Eritrean soldiers abducted them from their peaceful life and their own country.

We know the people are back to their country safe and sound and we are delighted about their return. The question now is how on earth Ethiopia and Ethiopians are terrorized by a tiny and incapacitated country called Eritrea.

Remember a country with one of the fastest growing economy in the world, a country with one of the strongest army in Africa, and the most proud people in the world could not protect the safety and security of its own people, it is odd.

The Eritrean people should be very clear that every person on this earth has a God given right to defend himself or herself. Ethiopia has the right to defend its people at any cost. We have heard form some Eritreans that why Ethiopians are asking for a military action and especially why TOL is trying to pressure the government to do something about the blatant disrespect of our country and people by Eritrea.

What would you Eritreans do if it was the Ethiopian government doing to your people what the Eritrean government is doing to the Ethiopian people?

Ethiopians abducted by the Eritrean government tell what happened
One way or the other Eritrea will pay for the crimes against our people.

Eritrean internal affairs are only for Eritreans we really don’t care what you do in our country, but when Eritrean troops or terror groups supported by the Eritrean government are kidnapping and killing our people, that becomes our business and there will be severe consequences. For all the destruction of property and loss of lives that would follow this kind of attacks by Eritrea, the Eritrean gangsters in Asmara are responsible.

Enough is enough!

Eritrea should not make the same miscalculation it will be bad for Eritrea!

Reminder to Eritrean Sawa boys and girls

This is not your fight, why would you die for a dictator? Look at what happen to your brothers and sisters in 1998-2000 Badme war. In the Badme war Eritrea had years to get ready, the moral of the army was high, the economy was relatively in a better shape, the Eritrean dictator was not out of control like now, and most of all Ethiopia was not ready to fight a major war. Now it is a different story, so Eritreans do not fool yourselves save your lives and your country.


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