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Abebe Gellaw: Amharacentric and Hate Preacher

By Berhane Kahsay
Tigrai Online August 28, 2013

In a short space of time, Tigraionline (TOL) has become one of the leading websites that is engaged in informing the Diaspora the socio-economic transformation of Ethiopia since the advent of the EPRDF administration. TOL also plays a pivotal role in fiercely fighting unpatriotic elements intent on unravelling the spectacular achievements of the last twenty years.

Abebe Gellaw: Amharacentric and Hate Preacher
Abebe Gellaw and his ilk are vainly working extra time to avoid the inevitable but the indications are that the terrorist organisation is in its last gangrene infested legs.

TOL’s commendable efforts are now paying dividends as the toxic Diaspora opposition led by G-7 are being abandoned en masse by their supporters that have been on a continuous diet of fabricated and white fibs for a number of years. As the financial implications of the desertions have been so significant, G-7 had to solicit monetary assistance from the Eritrean dictator in order to continue with its subversive activities.

Receiving funds from the arch enemy of Ethiopia has further alienated G-7 and it is just a matter of time before it sinks into a total oblivion. Abebe Gellaw and his ilk are vainly working extra time to avoid the inevitable but the indications are that the terrorist organisation is in its last gangrene infested legs.    

The desperate predicament of G-7 is getting to Abebe Gellaw and he has quite rightly identified the webmaster of TOL as the cause of the near demise of the terror group that he espouses. Editor of TOL is now coming under a ferocious assault for strongly defending his country from internal and external foes. His ‘picture’ is presently displayed on Abebe Gellaw’s gutter webpage, Addis Voice, boasting ‘TPLF’s hatemonger Unmasked.’ This is a trivial and irrelevant issue from a trivial, marginalised and lonely man who is on the doldrums.  

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Abebe Gellaw had the audacity to accuse others of ‘hatemongering’ when he himself was employing it to advance his political ambitions during the 2005 elections. As a member of the now defunct Kinijit, this man and his accomplice, Eskinder Nega, were actively involved in orchestrating a hateful and venoms campaign against the Tigrian people and succeeded in whipping emotions to a very dangerous level. Their evil intentions were to seduce their gullible and blind followers to commit pogrom similar to what we witnessed in Rwanda but the security services managed to avert it in the nick of time.

It is rich coming from the God father of hate who intensely dislikes the industrious people of the north for making Ethiopia prosperous and democratic after its liberation from 100 years of Amhara misrule. This change is irreversible and the effort of Abebe Gellaw and his sorts to restore the supremacy of the Amhara elite is not going to succeed in a million years. They want to give the impression that they are above ethnic politics but this is exactly what they have been involved in since the EPRDF came to power.           

Addis Voice is parochial and its editor makes a living by preaching disharmony and division among the Ethiopian Diaspora. Dissenting and unfavourable comments on articles that appear on this down market website aren’t accepted. On the other hand, the editor of TOL has created a free platform for visitors to register their comments on writings that are posted on this first class webpage. A cursory glance would reveal that even political and Islamist extremists are permitted to express their views however unpalatable these may be. The phantom journalist is certainly not fit to talk about the virtues of democracy and human rights when he is inherently tyrannical and completely devoid of tolerance. No drop of magnanimity in his system and his overriding belief is simply ‘mine or nothing.’    

In any case, why is Abebe Gellaw desperate to ascertain the identity of TOL webmaster? Why is saying ‘unmasked’ when the editor has not disguised himself and is known to his followers all over the world? The fact of the matter is that, the owner of TOL supports the EPRDF which stands for justice, democracy and the prevalence of the rule of law, and is always defending this formidable organisation in full public view come rain or shine. No reason what so ever to masquerade his identity as he is not scared of violent thugs that subscribe to the proscribed terror group G-7. 

If the pseudo-journalist is trying to intimidate the editor, it won’t work now or in the foreseeable future. We have every confidence in the owner of TOL, and no doubt, will continue to stand firm against these traitors who conspire with foreign enemies to scupper the fight against poverty for pocket money.