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Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali Admits About Commandos sent to Tigrai

Tigrai Online, August 26, 2018

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali Lying Through His Teeth About Commandos sent to Tigrai and Simengew Bekelle


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali partially admitted about sending armed commandos to Tigrai state, but he lied through his teeth about the death of Engineer Simengew Bekelle and the terrorist attacks in Addis Ababa on June 16, 2018. The noose is tightening around this Arab mercenary so called prime minister. We are betting his fate would not be any different from Mengistu Hailemariam, another butcher chased by the heroic people of Tigrai. The only difference this time around is all the Ethiopian people are against the Egyptian office boy. It would not be surprising if the Qerro youth and OLF are the once who would eject him from office.

We know for sure not only the Ethiopian people, but the international community is starting to take notice there is something phony about this man leading Ethiopia. Today August 26, 2018, CNN published an article on Abiy Ahmed for the first time, titled "Why Ethiopians believe their new prime minister is a prophet". CNN said it requested for a comment from the Ethiopian minister of government communication affairs and an interview from the prime minister, but both of them ignored it. In the same article CNN quoted Natasha Ezrow, a professor in the department of government at Essex University in England as saying "We should be cautious of leaders who emerge and appear to be a messiah for everybody." Ethiopia, she adds, has "no institutions for democracy" and is "used to a strong man." Unless Abiy implements significant checks on his own power, then it will be hard to avoid a dictatorship. Well there you have it, the professor from England is clearly warning men who admire their won shadow are prone to becoming a dictator. We are seeing clear signs of dictatorship every day.


The heading by CNN is really wrong because had CNN interviewed people who live in the Ethiopian states of Somali, Tigrai, Afar and many other states, CNN would have learned how the Ethiopian people see Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed after four and half months in power. So many people have died and many more have been displaced in the past four months. Almost 95 percent of the Ethiopian people are worried about the lack of clear direction in the government. Many Ethiopians are afraid the country is heading towards a real civil war or Ethiopia might break apart because of the arrogance and careless disregard Abiy Ahmed has to the Ethiopian constitution.