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Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed visiting Sudan

Tigrai Online, May 3, 2018

Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed visiting Sudan


Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed continues his tour of the Horn of Africa this time he is visiting the Sudan. The newly elected Ethiopian Prime Minister just returned from Djibouti where his delegation signed an array of agreements including Ethiopia gaining a stake in the Porto of Djibouti as a share holder and Djibouti to have access to Ethiopian government owned firms.

Ethiopia having gained a foothold in Djibouti is not only great in economic terms, but it is extremely importing militarily.

Ethiopia and Sudan are supposedly to sign similar deal to the one with Djibouti giving some port share in Port Sudan the biggest port in Sudan. Recently Ethiopia and Sudan has agreed to form a joint military force to protect the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.


Ethiopia is consolidating its relationship with all its neighbors except Eritrea. The rogue Eritrean government is working day and night to overthrow the Ethiopian government, but it is very clear that Eritrea has tried bite off more than it can chew. Ultimately the Eritrean people and to some extent the people of Tigrai are paying the price. As Ethiopia signs this long term deals with Djibouti and Sudan, Eritrea’s national interest is permanently damaged.

Eritrea is left out from the neighborhood deals, but is this decision the best for the Horn of Africa especially for Ethiopia's long term interest?

Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed visiting Sudan



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