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The master duper did not dupe you, you let him dupe you

By TeKa
Tigrai Online, July 23, 2019

These days, I hear a bunch of people regretting the times when they supported the current Prime Minister. I hear many of them say how they were duped by a master duper.

My question is: How could you not see it coming? It was there for everyone to see from the moment he opened his honey marinated mouth in April of 2018.

It was obvious then when Eng. Simegnew Bekele was ruthlessly murdered while the PM was in honeymoon trip to his then ardent admirers in the US.

It was obvious since the 1st day he pandered to us all with his empty promise of love, medemer, inclusiveness bla bla….

It was very clear then that he lacked a leadership quality when he hastily concluded without due deliberation that the bomb explosion at the Meskel Square was a job of “highly organized” and was “well planned” to insinuate that TPLF had its hands, to only later be debunked by his own Federal Police investigators that it was done by some loosely trained individuals from the region that he says he represents.

It was obviously clear then that this guy was not cut for a “world class” leadership when he was seen, breaking all protocol rules, driving a car to receive another leader in an official visit (or not). If you really loved your country, you should be embarrassed right then, as I was deeply!!

If you did not see all that or missed it, how about when he held hands with a murderer and started kissing his hands? It was also there for you to see it, if you had the curiosity, when he praised a murderer and a world certified dictator from Eritrea in our own land, a land that this dictator hated so much that he wants to destroy it by all means.

It was obvious then that he meant to divide us when he called some of the very  people that he is begging now to help him “Daylight Hyenas”

It was obvious then when he resisted uttering the name of Eng. Simegnih Bekele after he was cowardly murdered. It was obvious when the PM did not even bother to make an official statement in regards to the murder of this son of Ethiopia.

 It was obvious the day he said “Are you guys trying to say that your hands are clean?” while answering to a question by an Ethiopian with a Tigaway accent. The concerned citizen was only conveying his worry on the careless way the federal police was handling the case of the death of the Engineer. After all, we ended up swallowing a fictitious investigation that concluded that the Engineer had committed a suicide. I do not hear anyone challenging this ridiculous investigation/conclusion. The poor guy was hit at his left temple and they found the weapon that killed him on his right arm. Who is going to believe that a man shot himself at his left temple with his right hand? Our government still believes that it was a suicide. And you believed it! Hypocrisy in its best display!


If you missed all that, it was there for everyone to see his malicious plans when he, inadvertently, said that if anyone tries to oust him the Oromos at the periphery of Addis would rise and would not be stopped until they get their government back. He said this while talking to few disgruntled soldiers who stormed the palace to request a better way of life. Any eyebrow of anyone with just an average brain would stay wide for days as soon as they hear him say those words. By saying this, he meant to say then, according to my understanding that the government that he leads belongs only to the Oromos. Of course, you did not see that way. Not then!

How could you not see what was coming then? Of course, everybody was in euphoria to see all this simply because the people from the north have been pushed back to where they came from. This is what mattered to most of those who blindly supported him. As long as the Woyanes are gone, who cares, right?!

How could you say that he duped you when he did everything all the way to show you that he was the worst leader that Ethiopia ever had? Mengistu was a murderer but at least knew, unlike this one, how to behave in public.

These were the 1st signs to help open anyone’s eyes. Very few did, though. He kept embarrassing us in public and internationally. His love and insatiable craving to publicity is displayed in everything he does day after day.

 You did not care about the very murder of your own son, which is every Ethiopian’s son too. You did not care about the thousands displaced/murdered Tigraways from Gondar, you did not care about the so many slaughtered Gumuz people in their hut while sleeping, you did not care when the Gedeo and Guji killed each other and caused hundreds of thousands of displacement, you did not care when the very same PM that you praised as the Savior or Moses said that, after many weeks and after all international news outlets reported it, he did not even know that there was a conflict in Gedeo. You still believed him! Hypocrisy in its best display!


You did not care when a region quasi-officially closed a federal highway to strangle another region. You did not care, he did not care either. Hypocrisy in its best display!

Of course, you started to see everything after too late. “Sheweden eko” (he duped us), this is the phrase I hear a lot these days. I say to you: No, He did not dupe you, you let him dupe you. He did it in plane sunlight for everyone to see. You just did not want to see it!  You, yes you, the hypocrite bunch failed to see all the signs simply because you thought he was doing your betting, which was to humiliate the Woyanes. When You realized that this is not going to happen and when you realized that he is actually there to fulfil someone’s dreams, when you saw that he used you instead, then you changed horse and now you think he deserves a protest in DC streets. Hypocrisy in its best display!

His last hit? Of course in a very Abiy fashion, he left to his beloved daddy to Asmara while the South was brawling and innocent lives were being lost. He, in his usual childish fashion, opted instead to show the world how Asmara/Eritrea was rich in Beles (Prickly Fruit)J

Oh last but not least, how about his hasty conclusion without proper deliberation when he come out in one man show-like exhibition declaring the unrest in Bahrdar was as a coup d’etat, when in fact it did not even smell close to it? Did anyone ask why he did not make the official statement from his own official office then?

I can keep going, but I opted to stop here just to save you from boredomJ!!

Good Luck


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