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New Ethiopian Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed continues his tour of Ethiopia

Tigrai Online, April 21, 2018

Prime Minister of Ethiopia Dr. Abiy Ahmed continues his tour of Ethiopia encounters the fake question of identity in Gonder


The new Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Dr. Abiy Ahmed continues his tour of Ethiopia. This week he concluded his visit to the troubled city of Gonder in the regional state of Amhara and the capital city of the state Bahir Dar. Thy young and charismatic leader seems to calm down the country and answer some difficult questions from the public. The fake question of Wolkaite was raised at one point, but the prime minister answered it by saying I haven’t heard any one asking about identity in my meeting with people of Tigrai, I mentioned Wolkaite when I was in Tigrai for a different reason not related to identity. It sounded the prime minister was saying if there is anything about identity in Tigrai State, I didn’t hear from the people which is true.

Raising the fake question of Wolkaite which is code to we don’t accept the Ethiopian constitution and the federal system is not only disrespectful to the new prime minister, it is also against the law. If there are any identity questions in Tigrai State they will be raised and asked in Mekelle not Gonder. The population of Wolkaite in Tigrai State never had any identity question before and never will, because they don’t have any doubt about who they are.


The extreme Amhara Diaspora has expressed their dismay about PM Abiy Ahmed’s Tigringa speech in the lone star city of Mekelle in Tigrai. For the majority Ethiopians the ranger of the extreme Amhara groups was demystifying. The prime minister made his speech in Tigringa where he was in a regional state where the state government’s official language is Tigringa. On top of that 98% of the inhabitants of the state are speakers of the language then what is the crime for the pm to address the people with their own language? When he visited Oromia he spoke in Afaan Oromo, but the extreme Amhara’s didn’t say anything about that, but then why oppose Tigringa in Tigrai? Simple jealousy and hate towards Tigrai and Tigraians. We know for sure the extreme Amhara extremists in the Diaspora are working directly with their fellow soldiers in the Amhra state including the regional government. The questions about identity other meaningless issues to the new prime minister is to show their displeasure about his speech in Tigrai. What they are forgetting is the time has passed for the people of Tigrai to be the punching bags of EPRDF for the sake of the unity of Ethiopia. From now on every hostile action against the history, cultural heritage, language, territorial integrity, and identity will be met with the utmost powerful opposing reaction.


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed tour of Amhara follows similar visits to the Ethiopian regional states of Somali, Oromia, and Tigrai. In Somali, Oromia, and Tigrai states he was welcomed warmly and with great enthusiasm. All the people of Ethiopia are hopeful and waiting this young leader to invigorate the EPRDF as a party and Ethiopia as a country.

So far, we think the new Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Dr. Abiy Ahmed has brought a positive energy to Ethiopia. From his speeches in Addis Ababa, Somali, Oromia, Tigraia and Amhara, what is your reaction to Dr. Abiy so far?

Prime minister Abiy Ahmed visits Gonder, Bahir Dar Prime Minister of Ethiopia Dr. Abiy Ahmed continues his tour of Ethiopia this time it was Amhara regional state


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