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Ethiopian Abiy Ahmed is the worst of all cruel leaders worldwide

By Addis Moges
Tigrai Online March 4, 2022

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed denounced the invasion in Ukraine.  He advised the two parts to solve problems peacefully via negotiation. Many scholars and activists slashed his goodwill words to these countries. They argued that is a wicked and iniquitous man that he has no moral to serious forward such words to those conflicting countries. Abiy Ahmed is a multiple faced man ever unseen worldwide.  

First, he usually attempts to convince people with peaceful, joyous and kind words. He looks like he is a man who believes in God and seems ready to forgive other who did wrong. In the reality, he murdered lots of politicians and even civilians whom he believe protest against his power. Engineeer Simegnew Bekele and General Seare Mekonne could be a typical example for this.   Second, he attempts to mislead people as he is sympathetic and kind to other but in the reality is a barbarous man even the worst of all the tyrant leaders seen worldwide.  


In world history, there are leaders leveled as cruel at all times and ages. According to commons.wikimedia.org, Attila the Hun one of the cruelest leaders killed his own brother to rule Hunnic Empire, centered in present-day Hungary. He remarked, “There, where I have passed, the grass will never grow gain.”

 Genghis Khan another cruel leader united the Mongol tribes and conquered a huge part of Central Asia and China and slaughtered civilians in masse.  Timur who led military campaigns through a large part of western Asia, including modern Iran, to Syria, in present-day Afghanistan was another barbarous leader. He ordered the construction of a tower made out of living men, one stacked on top of another and cemented together.  

Queen Mary I was another tyrant leaders became queen of England in 1553 and soon reinstalled Catholicism as the main religion that hundreds of Protestants were burned at the stake. Joseph Stalin is a also among these sadists. He imprisoned millions of people in labor camps, and the ‘Great Purge’ of the intelligentsia, the government and the armed forces.  

The recent one Adolf Hitler  devised a plan to create his ideal ‘master race’ by eliminating Jews, Slavs, gypsies, homosexuals and political opponents by forcefully sending them to concentration camps, where they were tortured to death, killed about 11 million people.  

There are also a lot of cruel leaders in Africa including Idi Amin, Sani Abach, Mengistu Hailemariam and Abiy Ahmed.  General Idi Amin overthrew an elected government in Uganda via a military coup. He then ruthlessly ruled for eight years, during which an estimated   3, 000,000 civilians were massacred.

Abiy Ahmed is really the worst of all these leaders for many reasons. None of these leaders invited foreign countries to bomb their own people but Abiy Ahmed did it. He brought United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Ruissia, China, Iran, Azebajan, Eritrea, Somalia and Turkey to wipe out the 8 million people of Tigray. Those people who uprooted the dictatorial, military rule in the country those people who for the first time established democratic system and multiparty governance in Ethiopia. Those people who for the first time ensured press freedom. Those people who pulled the country out of the quagmire of poverty and ascertained sustainable economic development. The boosting of infrastructure and investments in the entire country is a living witness. However, there is no evil that didn’t execute upon the people of Tigray by Abiy Ahmed.

In addition the collaborated military attacks both ground air, he blocked every passage to the Tigray. The people have isolated from the rest of the Ethiopian people and the world. He suspended all accounts of Tigrians, closed banks, cut off electricity and internet as well as telecommunication services.


During the invasion all infrastructure, all factories, universities, health institutions, schools, industries regional, federal and private were destroyed on purpose. Religious institutions, churches mosques were changed into ashes include the well known Al-Negashi Mosque and Axum Church. Besides all historical and religious heritages were plundered and are now on sale via online marketing.  There is nix Ahmed, the immoral, wicked and sadist man hasn’t done to Tigrians. He murdered hundreds of youth, sexually abused under and above age females, imprisoned, torched, and abominated tens of thousands of Tigrians for their identity. Generally speaking, Abiy Ahmed and his advocates changed not only Ethiopia the torment but also Tigray the land of bliss to hell to the people.

However, its ultimate goal was jeopardized by the united strong defense of the people. The incredible crashed all the allied forces, equipped with modern and sophisticated weapons, and invaded them with Kalashnikov.

Now, Tigray Defense Force has armed to its tooth by snatching from the conquerors.  The people of Tigray are still dying of manmade starvation due to the blockades but Abiy is attempting to advise Russia and Ukraine that is why most of the activists leveled his as wicked and immoral to forward that message to the entire world. They advise to stop his multifaceted faces.

Abiy Ahmed preaches people as an angel but kills them as a Satan, acts as a kind and sympathetic but barbarous and tyrant, misleads people as peace lover but he is a warmonger and bloody. The world has never seen as arrogant and cruel, sadist leader as Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia. He is the worst of all the leaders leveled as cruel at all times and ages in World Political History.


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