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A documentary by the treasonous Ethiopian prime minister, Abiy Ahmed calls the Tigrai people “Bandas”

Tigrai Online, Dec. 13, 2018

This imbecile who is an accidental prime minister should be removed by any means necessary before he causes further damage.

A couple of days ago the mercenary prime minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed who is clearly working for foreign governments released a so called documentary on all the government media outlets including Walta info, Fana broadcasting, and ETV. What they called documentary is actually a poorly written drama which has terrible characters and abhorrent actors.

Right at the very beginning of this horrible show the narrator at the introduction piece touches on how Ethiopians have fought to defend their country. While the heroes were giving their lives against the invaders, other “bandas” betrayed and spied on their brothers and gave them up to the enemy. Now the same “bandas” have committed crimes against those who rose up to over throw dictatorship and to stay in power they have done crimes that are hard to hear and condemned by the world.

The above statement is taken directly from the supporters of the fascist dergi, adherents of unitary Menilik system, and defenders of barbaric Amara system. The likes of Tamange Beyene, Gedu Andargachew, Demeke Mekonnen and other Amara extremists have been repeating the above view. They exaggerate the contribution of Amaras, minimize the crimes committed by Amaras for decades, and glamorize the filthy, corrupted, savage and backward system they had established in Ethiopia.


Now we have this treasonous man acting as prime minister of 110 million people, but in practice he is pushing Egyptian agenda and targeting the strongest and most nationalist group of people in Ethiopia, the Tigraians. Abiy Ahmed has gone down where no enemy of Tigrai has gone before by collectively insulting 7.5 million people as traitors.

Many in the knowing about the chaotic and primitive Ethiopian political landscape are saying the recent dark comedy labeled documentary, aired by Ethiopian government media outlets was in retaliation to the rally in Mekelle last week. The Mekelle rally which was the largest of all rallies showed the government and the people of Tigrai are ready for any eventualities. Some even as far as saying Abiy is scared of the TPLF and the Tigrai people now more than ever, so he decided to release the fake documentary to divert attention from the  massive rally and shift the agenda from TPLF and Tigrai.


The mercenary in Menilik Palace is not only afraid, but he is disillusioned by what is taking place throughout the country. His lies and deception using sweet words have been exposed in six short months. Now Abiy Ahmed is known as traitor liar whose only goal is to become a king of Ethiopia and he will sell the entire country of Ethiopia achieve that objective.

It is unimaginable this little vindictive and insignificant man has the audacity to create a fake documentary to insult the people of Tigrai, I would assure you this would be the most fatal mistake of his life and it will cost him dearly.

People of Mekelle, Tigrai state in Ethiopia demand respect for the Ethiopian constitution
In a new documentary orchestrated by the treasonous Ethiopian prime minister, Abiy Ahmed calls the Tigrai people Bandas. Every single red blooded Tigrawai should not forgive this satan incarnate for his disrespect to our people.