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What are you hiding behind the white screen, Mr Prime Mminister Abiy Ahmed?

By TeKa
Tigrai Online, June 30, 2019

Tigrai should invoke article 39

Why did Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed used a white screen background when he announced the unrest mutiny in Bahirdar?

It has been over a week since that bizarre performance of King Abiy after he hastily assembled a one man show through a single media.

Has anyone asked why the PM used a white screen background when he announced the unrest/upheaval/mutiny in Bahirdar?

Ok, let me explain. In the underground world of the kind of El Chapo, Pablo Escobar, Al-Qaida, ISIS, or any worldly recognized criminals or even nationally syndicated bad boys, a plane or a monochromatic screen is used  on a video or a photo shoot session when these bad actors are trying to hide their whereabouts or to throw off law enforcement entities. Criminals use this method when they are trying to communicate with the law officers or with, in some cases, they try to show a hostage that they are holding is alive and still want to hide their location.

The fact that our own PM came out in few ours after the so called “coup” to convince us that there was a “coup d’etat” in Bahirdar wearing a military uniform smell like a rotten fish. He clearly went an extra mile to disguise his whereabouts by using a plane white screen, no furniture was visible.


Here are my stupid questions, Mr. PM:

  • Why was only one microphone in front of you and not multiple, as is customary for any head of state trying to reach his people in his official capacity?
  • Why use a white screen behind you, unless you do not want us to know your where the video was shot? Are you hiding something behind that white screen? I refer you to many of Bin Laden’s or any criminal’s videos. It just makes you look one of them.
  • Why did you not call Walta Information, which is the official media outlet, since your announcement was in your official capacity? Eevn if ETV personnel was an hour or two away, could you not wait for them to arrive before you made that bizarre performance of yours?
  • If you had time to change into your military attire (which, by the way makes you look so silly!), and wherever you were, how is that possible you could not find a decent office for you to sit and talk to your people? Instead, you chose a place that looks like a corner in a cave.
  • Were you in Addis or in Bahirdar, Mr Prime Minister? If you were in Addis, you would have used your office for any official announcement. One would think so!
  • Why act like a criminal by doing only what a criminal does?


Yes, Mr. Prime minister, what are you hiding from your people. What are you trying to hide behind that white scree? Every word that came out of your office ever since makes no sense, nothing at all!!!

Oh Boy, you have a lot explaining to do Sir!!

God Bless Ethiopia.


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