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Abiy and Isaias the two stooges of UAE honored by their master

By Zeate Medhin Tigrai Online, July 26, 2018

Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afwerki the two stooges of United Arab Emirates honored by their master


I am not worried that the Egyptians will suddenly invade Ethiopia. Nobody who has tried that has lived to tell the story. I don’t think the Egyptians will be any different and I think they know that.” Meles Zenawi, Interview with Reuters, Nov 23, 2010.

We will work to increase this [Egypt’s water] quota and President Sisi and I will work on this…. Welahi, we will never harm you”. Abiy Ahmed, addressing Egyptians in Cairo, June 10, 2018.

On March 8 – 9, 2018, the foreign ministers of UAE, USA and Russia visited Addis Ababa. The primary purpose of their visit was to coronate Abiy Ahmed to become the next prime minister. According to reliable sources, United Arab Emirates pledged to provide financial support to Abiy’s government, USA to provide diplomatic, security and media support, and Russia not to interfere with the actions of the UAE and the USA. Egypt’s foreign minister was not in Ethiopia at that time, but UAE and Egypt worked in tandem. As is very well known, UAE maintains a military base in Eritrea (Assab) which is used as a launching pad for carrying out attacks in Yemen and it has ambitions to control the ports in Africa. Obviously, Egypt’s interest is to maintain or increase its water quota and the only stumbling block to materializing its dream is the TPLF.

Fast forward to June 15, 2018. The United Arab Emirates announced a $3 billion aid and investment plan to the Abiy led government of which $1 billion was allocated for easing the country’s foreign exchange shortage. Eritrea also received a substantial undisclosed amount.


Fast forward to July 2018. Abiy Ahmed and Isayas Afewerki met the deadline set by their masters to create a conducive environment for maintaining UAE and Egypt interests in Ethiopia and Eritrea. On July 24, 2018, the two stooges were rewarded with UAE’s highest civil honor.

Time will tell what Abiy Ahmed and Isayas Afewerki must provide in return, but one important deliverable is related to the Grand Renaissance Dam. In the short term, UAE and Egypt expect Abiy Ahmed to delay the construction of the dam. In the long term, they want to render the dam useless to Ethiopia. Abiy Ahmed is showing remarkable progress to meet the short-term objectives of Egypt and UAE. In his meeting with teachers on 23rd June, Abiy indicated that the construction of the dam may not be completed in ten years. Time will tell what further actions Abiy will take to delay the construction of the dam.

Abiy Ahmed and Isayas Afewerki in UAE
Abiy Ahmed Ali and Isaias Afwerki the two stooges of United Arab Emirates honored by their master.


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